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Serious Shortage at Home

Filed By Sara Whitman | October 20, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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Big drama today in the house. We are down to our last two rolls of toilet paper.

Years ago, a columnist for the Boston Globe, Diane White, wrote a fabulous piece on what families tended to hoard. Back in the 50's, there were canned good in case of a nuclear attack. Today? Toilet paper. On average, families, if I remember right (it was a long time ago and I can no longer find the column), had at least 10 extra rolls in their house.

I think that's pretty low.

Fear not, I'm on my way to the store to stock back up to about 20 rolls.

Ok, maybe not the deepest thinking today but... sometimes we all need a break.

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We just buy the huge bulk pack and then go buy another one when we're down to one of the 6 packs left. I refuse to get a Costco membership though - or we'd have a bazillion of everything sitting around taking up space.

I shop without a list, so now I'm four days without coffee filters. Somebody help me, I'm going through withdrawals!