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Sexy and queer religious imagery

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 20, 2009 1:30 PM | comments

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Andrés Duque highlighted a fundraising campaign in Spain for the LGTB Collective of Madrid this weekend: they're selling calendars with photographs of queer reinterpretations of famous religious paintings that feature trans women as the Virgin Mary.


Some of my favorites are after the jump. It's an interesting project.




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Cool, but they missed the boat and should have made some of the apostles trans too.

Rob, you didn't notice that astonished face on the left side of the painting for October? The wide-eyed, bearded one dressed in medieval drag?

Several of the other apostles and shepherds look untraditionally hunky, and something more than transexualism is clearly going on here artistically --- I would surmise the men have an unspoken "Ask, but Don't Tell" policy operating within their ranks?

The old FMI ised to put out a yearly transsexual cheescake calander - something like 30 years ago, I think.

Interesting that it's a Spanish art project - Dali had so many trans muses.

February is my favorite. Look at her IMMACULATE hair!


Thanks for posting this Alex! You rock!

Alex, how in hopes of a serious presentation of "Religion", is this relevant? Do you really know any Trans Women outside of the entertainment industry? This is what the Religious Right believes transgender persons to be, a mockery. Yes I am a transgender woman, but am also of the "personal conservative side", not too many of us in this part of the "T" decorative dangling participle.

Actually, I know quite a few trans people outside the entertainment industry. But some are, and, more importantly, they don't have to be to take part in a fund-raising calendar. I know one of the women featured in the calendar is a Spanish transgender activist, who said in the accompanying article:

I posed myself the following scenario: Why is it that a transsexual woman can't represent a religious icon given life by so many other actors and actresses throughout history? To not do it would be akin to internalizing the same discriminatory principles that people want to throw against us.

I think, in Spain especially, that taking back the symbol of the Virgin could be important to some people.