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She probably played the black card, right?

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Just in case you think the reason white people don't notice racism is because it's too subtle, here's a clip on shopping while black from ABC's What Would You Do? (via Pam)

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Human beings are created equal. The Almighty God wanted us to be the same and share love. Our behaviour towards our fellow beings is what we are. I think one who discriminates others is mentally ill - he needs to exibit his virtues by love towards other human beings. Just treat others as you expect them to treat you.

This is a kind of thinking I've been guilty of before myself. It's kind of difficult to realize, just because you do your best to unlearn racist stereotypes in your day-to-day life, doesn't mean you're completely immune to them. Thanks for sharing.

I like once some people said "I'll leave with you" an entire crowd of people went with them. It only takes one person to create real change. You just HAVE to stand up. There are more people who want to do that, but are afraid to be the first to make the move because they're afraid they will be by themselves. Who gives a fuck if you're the only one who does it. Do it anyone--stand up. Even if you're the only one, you did the right thing by NOT going with the herd... but chances are you WON'T be the only one.

Where I see white gay men most guilty of this herd mentality are with their friends. We've all had 'friends' who talked like that. "She played the black card." MOST white gay men I know don't say anything about that when they hear it, whether or not they agree. You just don't put up with it. The closer I am to someone, the harsher I am on them when I hear that shit. You just can't put up with that.

Next time you hear someone buy INTO a stereotype, say something bigoted or racist, you HAVE to stand up--whether its a friend or a stranger. You'll most likely find you're not alone in thinking its wrong.