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The gayest doll ever

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 29, 2009 1:30 PM | comments

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Tags: Barbie, Florida, Mattel, palm beach

Why didn't I ever get one of these to play with? It's the new "Palm Beach Sugar Daddy" Ken doll, a modernization of the "Oscar Wilde" Ken doll that never existed.


I might have to get one myself, because I still haven't found my sugar daddy yet and I'm not getting any younger.

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Even if it's not for real - someone please modify a Ken doll for me! The little dog just completes it.

It's probably expensive, yes - so I'll have to work on convincing some kid that their doll really would be better off with me.

On second thought, I suspect I'll be battling thousands of gay men for this...

They're being sold at the link for $81, but you'll have to pre-order right now. Still... :)

Oh how funny. I only glanced at the photo and I thought he was holding a golf club. I had to go back to look again. Good eye, Yasmin.

Did you fork over the $80?

With a pink leash, no less! Somebody at Mattel is very, very gay. Oh, right...

I don't *have* $80 :-( I'm going to have troll down Chicago's tonier neighbourhoods and follow some kids around. If you see reports about kids having their dolls snatched away, just know - it will NOT be me, cough, cough.

Of course, now WAYMON is lying in wait for me...

Damn. And it'll be a while before this starts showing up in the thrift stores...

I'll battle you for it, Yasmin!

I want this doll. ASAP.

Wait! This was just pointed out to me on Twitter:

Rainbow Prince Ken:

I think I found my Halloween Costume... LOL

Bill Vayens | October 29, 2009 3:55 PM

I swear sometimes Waymon I feel like I need to drive up the street and perform an intervention!

You're just mad because I found it before you, Bill.

If little straight girls are supposed to grow up to be Barbie, and little straight boys are supposed to grow up to be GI Joe...