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Vote Bilerico! (Cuz it's not pretty when I cry)

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Okay, gang. I need your help. I'm tired of always being the bridesmaid and never the bride... We've come in second place in the Best LGBT Blog Awards for two years running after barely missing first place by a few votes each time. This time I want to win something, dammit!

Best_Indiana_Blogs.jpgWe're currently in the running for the top blog in Indiana but we're losing by a mile. A blog called "My Old Kentucky Home" is ranked higher than we are. Seriously. *sighs* (I'll refrain from making Kentucky jokes since we're in their blogroll!)

We're one of the most popular sites in the state, but I just found out we were nominated and voting has been going on for a couple of weeks! We're getting a late start on this and right now we only have 112 votes - that's 11th place out of 50 nominations - but the top site has over 500! We're also the only LGBT blog that made the cut, so we have to represent!

There's no sign up needed to vote. You can only vote once per IP address. Won't you help us win the top spot this time? Send the link to all your friends and post it on Facebook and Twitter too. Can you help us get 400 votes today?

UPDATE: We've moved up to 6th place, but we still need over 200 votes to take the top spot. Won't you help us claim #1?

UPDATE 2: We've fallen to 10th place with a 200 vote gap between us and first place! We're being beaten by a bunch of corporate blogs about social networking! Help!

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Lynn Miller | October 27, 2009 3:54 AM

Jeez... only 135 votes? We can do better than that, can't we?

Bil, My Old Kentucky Blog (MOKB) is a great music blog - they do a ton of promotion and work very hard to better Indy's music scene. MOKB is also a big proponent of local bloggers - yes, including Bilerico.

There are quite a few blogs in that list worth snickering about, but MOKB isn't one of them.

Yeah, it's at like 150 right now. There are thousands of regular readers on this site.

To quote Bill Cosby: Come on people. Maybe it'll motivate them.

I've got my vote in. (Can't vote twice.)

bigolpoofter | October 31, 2009 12:44 PM

No Kentucky jokes because I come from a long line of Hillbilly descendants of Welsh indentured servants, the most recent generations of which called Appalachian Kentucky home!