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Washington, Val Stevens is your Sally Kern

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Her name is Washington state senator Val Stevens, and she's on to the homosexual agenda. Here's a bit from an email she sent out to supporters:

val stevens.jpgImportant message from Sen. Val Stevens on R-71!
Could this be the final battle? Senator Val Stevens

Are the homosexuals finally going to take control of our culture and push their depraved lifestyle on our children and families?

I avoided an argument* today with a Wagner fan who couldn't stop saying that what people listen to today isn't just shit, but "subshit," and they don't know the beauty of a Wagnerian opera but if they'd just listen to it they'd like it and if they don't then they're just putzes anyway.

Wagner fans.**

By "I avoided an argument," I mean I just let go of my preference to being right rather than happy and pretended not to listen. I love music, but I really don't get the sort of person who thinks that his narrow tastes are what everyone should be listening too. I have little patience for people who don't get why others don't think that classical, opera, or classic rock (for some reason it's always those genres...) are simply superior to all other forms of music, and mock the unwashed masses for listening to Beyonce.

Anyway, I didn't respond to her, but Val Stevens's argument is pretty much the same (if you just replace "homosexual" with "acid house"), so more about her paranoid rant after the jump.

What kept SB5688 from being signed into law by a very willing governor were a few courageous people who came together to file a referendum to allow the voters to make the final decision - to REJECT this bill.

Frankly, it was nothing short of a miracle that R-71 qualified for the ballot.

"Miracle" isn't quite the word. A more appropriate term is "fraud," which was affirmed by a very willing (Republican, naturally) secretary of state, and not prosecuted because a goddam activist judge basically said that signature-gatherers breaking the law is instrumental to democracy.

But you can call it a "miracle" if you'd like. God works in mysterious ways, and Val Stevens's God works through a laser jet printer stamp-signing authenticity oaths in the place of signature-gatherers.

Amidst harassment and even death threats by the homosexual radicals pushing this into our faces, just enough signatures were gathered to give you the final say on the upcoming ballot.

We seem to be getting killed in the street at an alarming rate, with hate crimes against LGBT people occurring all the time (and many that we don't know about happening), while homophobes sue when they receive sternly-worded postcards.

The homophobes are so brave, I'm sure. That's why they're trying to have the Supreme Court block the release of their names.

And now, we need one more miracle to stay the course and ward off - what could be - the final assault on our families and American culture by the homosexuals.

Final assault? I'm listening to Inner City's "Good Life" right now, and it doesn't sound anything like Wagner. In fact, one might say it's an assault on Western culture, but this beat's infectious and I have no plans on stopping, no matter what happens in Washington.

Hey, can anyone name Wagner's most famous fan? Hint: he's more famous than Val Stevens, but he also thought homosexuals were an assault on the homeland and created an office to fight homosexuality along with abortion.

Do you realize what is going on here? Consider the following:

In 1970, (on the heels of a "free love" 60's radical culture) sodomy laws were repealed in Washington State, with government turning a blind eye to a behavior commonly considered perversion - and still the case with a majority of Americans.

And the Supreme Court fully got rid of those laws in 2003, the height of the "free love" Bush years, at the end of several decades of movement conservatism, aka "radical culture." But, hey, I'm not the one obsessed with how the 60's ruined America by integrating busses, so maybe I'm just not the target audience for resentment towards that entire decade.

Organizations, such as NAMBLA, (North American Man Boy Love Association) appeared on the horizon seeking to repeal "age of consent" laws (NAMBLA is still in business today).

Yes. And Washington allows domestic partnerships between men and boys age 5 and up, so this is totally relevant.

Various pro-homosexual websites (most now taken down) have shown that homosexuals' real intent is to "normalize" homosexuality - which means pushing the lifestyle through public schools, beginning with elementary school-aged children. They will settle for nothing less than your full-scale acceptance - whether you like it or not!

Well, if you didn't like it, then it wouldn't really be full-scale acceptance, now would it? And therein lies the Homophobes' Conundrum: Gays are so good at forcing people to accept them through violence and indoctrination, and yet the majority of people don't like gay people all that much. They'll work it out as soon as they stop saying they have gay friends.

Also too, the Bilerico Project hasn't been taken down yet, so I'll say it here: Homosexuals' real intent is to normalize homosexuality. In fact, that goal comes before sodomy.

Haha, comes before sodomy. My name if I were an Indian in a cowboy movie.

Now do you see what's happening? Like the proverbial frog who ends upparalyzed and unable to get out of the water as he waits too long and the temperature reaches boiling - the homosexuals have been winning incrementally, taking their time, while we've been asleep at the wheel.

One would think, considering the text before the jump, that I would eventually write about Wagner's famous anti-Semitic diatribe, "Das Judenthum in der Musik," which was how the "Jewry" was infiltrating German culture because the homeland's "inner death is manifest. Then, indeed, that body's flesh dissolves into a swarming colony of insect life: but who in looking on that body's self, would hold it still for living?"

But I'm not so crude as to make such a comparison.*** Val Stevens said the frog was being killed by boiling water, a symbol for gay people destroying American culture, and Richard Wagner said a body was being killed by insects, a symbol for Jewish people killing German culture. You know, totally different.

And I hope you will put up a clarion call to your friends and family and let them know that we are on the verge of losing the battle of our lifetimes if we don't stand up now!

Or ... if we do stand up now ... we're on the verge of victory. It's up to us.

Seriously? The "battle of our lifetimes" is the one to knock some of the rights out of domestic partnerships in the Evergreen State, making them less comprehensive? She has to learn to pick the battles of our lifetimes better.

This is a fight we cannot afford to lose - but one we can win now. And the only thing standing in the way of an easy victory on November 3rd is a few miserable dollars to reach the voters with the truth - that silent majority of people who, for whatever reason, won't stand and fight.[...]

Meanwhile, if we lose on November 3rd, people will approach me on the street and ask me how it happened!?

My reply? "How big was the check you wrote?" (Most will have given nothing... )

While Hitler may have loved Wagner, the silent majority of Nazis actually didn't. The Guardian put it quite colorfully:

The party faithful's devotion to Wagner has also been exaggerated, according to Carr. We may think of Wagner as the soundtrack to Nazism, with newsreels of Hitler at Bayreuth and the famous Wagner performances at the Nuremburg rallies. However, according to the memoirs of Albert Speer and Hitler's secretary, Traudl Junge, most Nazis were bored silly at the prospect of watching five-hour-long epics in which, frequently, little happens.

At the 1933 gala performance of Die Meistersinger, for instance, so few turned up that a furious Hitler sent patrols to drag party members out of beer gardens and brothels, according to Speer. And during one performance of Tristan and Isolde, Junge recalled a member of Hitler's group dropping off and having to be rescued before collapsing over the railings of the box they were in. His rescuer had himself been asleep for most of the performance.

The point is, while you may think you have a silent majority, while you may think that your way of life is the best way to live and everyone will fall in love with it if they just give it a try, you may just be wrong and everyone might disagree with you and hide in brothels.

Because, you know, when the entire "culture" is falling apart, sometimes it's just because your ideals are a relic, no, less a relic and more a hallucination of a time that never existed because human beings simply weren't meant to live that way. And, no matter how hard we force people to change their natures to conform to an ideology based on returning to the past (like Brunnhilde's Germany or Beaver's America), folks are just going to end up trying to get drunk in a biergarten instead of giving their all in your battle to protect a culture that never existed.

That and Wagner really is a taste that not everyone will share, even if they're forced to by Nazi police. Just an FYI before you suggest that, if people would just put down the "subshit" they listen to and pick up a Wagner opera, then they'd like it.

Or heterosexuality. Keep the analogy going.

We don't have to lose. Every piece of research says that a large majority of people want to see our traditional definition of marriage remain intact. If the election were held before the media began, the homosexuals would lose by 7 to 8 points. That's why they are raising so much money to sell this as something it is not and overcome the deficit.

And this one we know isn't true because the only poll taken before ads began showed that Washington was pretty supportive of DP's, and the first one released after the ads started showed that the battle was closer, but the LGBT side was still winning.

But, um, every piece of research grumble grumble silent majority grumble whatever. Just give me my money.

Larry Stickney, who is leading our effort, has put his life on hold to fight this fight on our behalf. His household bills have at times gone unpaid, while he has remained faithful to this cause. Now it's our turn.

I'm gonna make like a someone who isn't over the 60's (like Val Stevens, for example) and tell Larry Stickney to get a real job.

*The woman I argued with was actually talking about how my computer doesn't have a CD drive, and she was saying that mp3's have bad recording quality, and you can't listen to Wagner on an iPod. That's how she got on that tangent. Which is true - an iPod isn't the best way to play music - but it's more practical than vinyl and a set of speakers when you're walking down the street. I'm even more old school and think that the best way to listen to music is at a live performance, but I'm not about to suggest that an orchestra and full cast accompany me on the bus so that I can listen to the first movement of Der Ring des Nibelungen as it was intended.

**Before the Bilerico Wagner fans get all on me, no, I'm not saying that all Wagner fans are intolerable or Nazis, or that Wagner's music is inherently fascist. What does annoy me, though, is the idea that some people think that they can just say that whatever music they listen to is better than every other type of music out there, and everyone's supposed to agree. And the more devoted Wagner fans tend to fall into that category.

To introduce another analogy, I'm not making fun of Christians, or Jesus, nor do I think Christianity itself is bad. But some of Jesus' fans? I'd rather stay away. But lots of them are great, too.

***Again, to be clear, I'm not saying anti-semitism and homophobia are the same thing. They have very different histories, origins, and means of deployment.

But sometimes those stories overlap, and the comparison that is valid here is that there will always be groups that have more power than others, and they will define themselves as the "real" culture of a nation (i.e. Sarah Palin's "Real Americans"), and then get mad that everyone who isn't a "real" part of that culture/nation is an infection that must be removed.

Val Steven's argument here is pretty much that. Even though homosexuality and people who prefer to have sex and relationships with the same-sex have been around since long before the Constitution was ratified, heterosexuality is still what's under attack from the radical homosexual activists. Can they live together peacefully? Well, no, not if you fantasize about a pure culture, one that never existed, in which everyone was safe and happy because the oppressed group didn't exist.

Hence the specific comparison of Wagner's and Stevens's writings, because this stuff doesn't change all that much.

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What strikes me about the Reject 71 people is that they're barely even trying to hide the fact that this is an attack on gay people. This diatribe from Val Stevens really says it all.

Her comment about the lifting of Washington's sodomy law in 1970 implies what has always been clear about the religious right: They long for the days when they could throw us in prison, or worse. As for the NAMBLA part, she's obviously trying to solidify the "gay=pedophile" image in her readers' minds.

If anything, the Approve 71 side should be capitalizing on this and holding it up as proof that this whole thing is solely about homophobia on the part of Stickney & Co.

Phil, you are depraved. It's one of your better qualities. :)

depraved yet tragically domesticated. Someday I'm letting the shewolf out.

I wonder what would happen if I were to ask Senator Val Stevens for a copy of the "Homosexual Agenda"? Maybe she would send me a copy? I'm sure she must have a copy? I have asked for a copy from my LBGT friends and they give me a blank stare then tell me they don't have a copy! They have never seen a copy of the "Homosexual Agenda". It is so strange that only the conservatives and hate groups seem to have a copy of the "Homosexual Agenda" Oh well,! guess I will just go back and and work on destroying marriage! Oh wait, I perform marriages and civil unions! It seems that the non-LBGT's have done a great job of destroying marriage by themselves, the divorce rate is over 50% As for Wagner It is a bit like the old Hip-Hop. I would prefer not to listen to it, but if I happened to hear it I"m not going to go off and complain or beat the crap out of someone just because I hear it!