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A Mother's Thanks

Filed By Sara Whitman | November 23, 2009 7:30 PM | comments

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This week of thanks, gives us all pause. It is time to be grateful for so many wonderful things in our lives.

Miriam Mercado, however, is thankful for support. Her son was horribly murdered simply because he was gay. Please watch. And give thanks, on Thursday, this hasn't happened to you.

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That's a really compelling message. However, I must object to the statement that he was murdered simply because he was gay. At least according to the man who murdered him, he was murder because he was perceived to be trans.

He's not using the gay panic defense, but the trans panic defense. As far as we know, the murderer didn't even know he was gay except to the degree that some people assume that trans women and gay men are the same.

Love conquers hate. Simple and poignant.

Tobi, I honestly don't know which defense is being used. If he was trans, then so be it. I read that his mother accepted him as gay.

this is one place where the L and G and B and T are all together.

and I saw 300 hits on the video and it broke my heart. this woman needs to be heard.


By friends and family's accounts he was a cis gay man and not trans. Yet he was wearing women's clothing and being seen as a woman at the time. His killer said he thought he was a woman, and it was when he realized that he "wasn't a woman" that he snapped and went violent.

And I don't mean to lash out at you, especially if you didn't know. It's just frustrating that the LGBT organizations and activists reporting on the incident seem to almost be covering up the gender issue here. I'm still a bit sore about how everyone downplayed the role gender played with Lawrence King or cast it in light of being flamboyantly gay. And this time it's not just downplaying but flat out ignoring the facts.