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A Rally in Albany

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New York blogger bud Gavin contacted me with this report about yesterday's marriage rights rally in Albany, New York..

Just when I thought we were all burned out from Maine and Washington, looking at these photos made me feel hopeful after a long day of cynicism and talk of violence.

Here's just one:

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Angela Brightfeather | November 11, 2009 12:26 AM

This does not impress me one little bit.

The NY Pride Agenda is once again selling the Trans community down the road and cooking up their shady deals behind closed doors.

While they have been pushing for another losing marriage amendment to pass the NY Senate, which they still lack the votes to pass and spending their time and money on a cause that will end with another multi million dollar disaster in the voting booth, they have completely forgotten about GENDA.

They continue to back down on their promise of 12 years ago to come back and pick up Transgender New Yorkers and protect them as they did GLB people.

This is what people are complaining about when they say that SSM diverts the money and attention to basic civil rights legislation that should be passed. In fact, after many open promises from the Pride Agenda to pass a GENDA bill, they seem to have forgotten all about it. Damn the momentum that GENDA could give them going into a SSM fight. Just jump ahead and forget the promises that they made and screw Trans people.

Silvia Riviera was right when she said not to ever trust the Pride Agenda because they don't give a damn about keeping their promises.
Show me more pictures like this one and I'll start to send in pictures of some of the Trans people in the old warehouse district in NYC standing around waiting for a trick because they can't get work.

This is BS and broken promises!!!!!
And people wonder why Trans people are so angry.

The marriage equality legislation in New York was known to be a very long shot, at best, way back in April when Gov Paterson introduced it to the legislature. That effectively scuttled GENDA (Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act) and DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) for yet another year. Alan Van Capelle, head of the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA) and the rest of the GLB community went along.

I'm finding it harder and harder to prevent my cynicism from degenerating into bitterness. It's obvious now that the cissexual and cisgender people in New York's LGB(t) community are still perfectly happy to throw gender variant people under the bus in order to gain their own political ends. They are fine with dumping their community's most vulnerable members to be able to marry their same sex sweethearts while trans people are still subject to legal and egregious discrimination in their jobs, housing and public accommodation, especially since they already receive legal protection against discrimination.

Marriage equality is important. Trans people DO have a stake in it. That said, having a decent job and a roof over your head is a lot more important than being able to marry who you fall in love with. I'm now convinced that New York's gender variant community will NEVER get state level non discrimination protections.

Angela Brightfeather | November 11, 2009 5:13 PM


Here is the deal.

No one in the GLB community and especially in the Pride Agenda seems to understand the destruction that takes place in legal marriages that are not same sex marriages, but end in divorce because one of the persons in that marriage is Transgender.

Oh, you hear from time to time about the same kind of destruction in marriages when a gay or lesbian person has been in a legal marriage for years and has children, then discovers they are gay or lesbian. Like the Governor of NJ a few years back who declared himself gay after being caught with another man, they all seem to just fade into the background and seek some non-existent parrallel universe and hope that people will forget. But the children sure don't do they?

For every gay and lesbian marriage in progressive states that allow it, you can match up ten times the number of legal marriages that have been broken apart because one of the partners was Transgender.

But that is not the end of it. Unlike gays and lesbians who most likely will find another job to help support their offspring and be able to send them to college at some time in the future, the Trans parent who gets kicked out has no future most of the time. They don't only not have a future in the workplace, they don't have the ability to see their children any longer due to a judicial system that fears Trans people being even close to a child.

Because of no job, they can't support themselves, let alone the family they used to have, so besides having to run away from the neighbors in town because they all know who they are now, they also have to run away from the law because they can't pay divorce settlements, alimony or child support. Many just take a long walk of a short pier someplace or become so despondent and depressed thay can't face anyone any longer, let alone look in the mirror every morning.

But the Pride Agenda can break their promises to these people to help them and help save their families or feed them false hope for 12 years. What a bunch of low down liars. I don't know how they sleep at night.