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Please join me in welcoming Justin Cole to the Bilerico family!

Justin's background is mainly a cross-section of media, politics and technology. He most recently served as the Director of Digital Media at GLAAD and previously worked as the Deputy Director of Online Communications at the progressive media watchdog group Media Matters for America.

You might remember Justin from the in-depth interview we did in February about the future of LGBT organizing. Video of the entire interview after the jump.

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Welcome Justin! I've never done this before, but I'd like to make a suggestion for a topic for you to take on.

As noted in Bil's recent piece, many of us are feeling that that GLAAD just either just doesn't get it, or just isn't really that interested in confronting transphobia in the media, certainly not as much as when a controversy involving a young hot gay man (i.e. Adam Lambert) pops up.

Since you are (or have been) a GLAAD insider, I'd be very interested in knowing your take on this controversy, if you personally believe that GLAAD has done a proper job of confronting transphobia and anti-transgender bigotry in the media (and why or why not), and how you'd like to see the future of LGBT media advocacy develop from where it is now.

Anyway, hope I didn't hit you too heavily on your first day, but as someone who considers herself a media activist, this is an important issue to me. I want to support GLAAD, but then I see or hear about stuff like this and then I wonder if that's really a good idea or not. I'd love to hear your take.

Anyway, welcome and I look forward to reading you!

Welcome! Great interview by the way....
Look forward to your expertise and point of view.

Welcome Justin!

Few words, I know, but great meaning behind them :D

Thanks, everyone!

Rebecca - Thanks for your enthusiasm. We need more people caring about the media, for sure! I will most definitely be writing about media advocacy and media criticism, from a non-profit and an outsider's perspective.

Re: GLAAD - There is a canyon-like divide between the way most LGBT non-profits talk about and go about fulfilling their missions. It's an across the board problem that involves ego, politics, money and power. I left my job at GLAAD in September for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason was principle. I could no longer work for an organization that touted itself as doing culture changing work when the organization itself had a culture desperately in need of change.

Thanks again to everyone for the nice welcome!

And here I was telling people that GLAAD was moving in the right direction because you were on board. :)