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Because no lesbian has ever been harassed on the job or kept her opinions to herself before

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There's just so much wrong with what this guy is saying. He says he was being harassed just because someone told him she was a lesbian, he says that his employer "says" that same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, as if that isn't true, and something tells me that he wouldn't care about anyone else getting harassed at the workplace, just himself.

"I'm not the type of guy to complain about this stuff... but I'll work with an extremist advocacy group like MassResistance to get as much attention as possible."

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Everyone has the right to express their opinion. But if this man was offended about same sex marriage, or since he's against homosexuality, then he should of kept his opinion to himself. Maybe then he would of still had his job. But too bad for him. We're here, we're queer, he should get over it.

Brandi Skipalis | November 9, 2009 3:22 AM

Right, so here are a few quotes from the video: "where it's perceived that homosexual marriage is legal"? "so-called female fiancee"? "a character who calls himself gay"? "you could have a hom ... a so-called homosexual person hit on you"? This guy is trying seriously hard to convince himself that gay people don't even exist - he almost slipped and called someone homosexual without prefacing it with "so-called" first, but no, he corrected himself. It's as though he's trying to will away homosexuality by simply refusing to acknowledge the reality of it all. Comments have been disabled, but you can still rate the video as low as is permitted. I did.

I am a converted Christian, Buddist from age 9. In my opinion, we haven't the right to judge how others live their life. That right is reserved for God alone. If it bothers you for a person that has those views to be near you then just accept it as a test and move on with your life. Get over it. What makes humans so great is our diversity. The person in this video has quite a narrow view of the current world. Kings in the Bible had homosexual men to look over their "wives" while they were away so there is even a historical and biblical precedent. Sorry if this is becoming a rant, but there is no excuse for stupidity in the 21st century.