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Call The Transgender Language Police!

Filed By Father Tony | November 01, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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Although Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale) is a diverse community any day of the year, on Halloween, even fluid identities get delightfully scrambled. Yesterday, at the annual Wicked Manors festival, the emcee, local drag queen Misty Eyez, had a tough time keeping contestants and categories in order. Her parsings are sure to spook some of the linguistically touchier members of the transgender community, but please keep in mind that if you can't be forgiving on Halloween, when can you be?

Video and photos of this fun event after the jump.

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"even fluid identities get delightfully scrambled"

I think that turn of phrase may have reached a functional impasse.

You summoned me, Father?


Ok, let me see what she says, and how good my humor quotient is these days...

"genetic" - that should be interesting to attempt to discern. Expensive, too -- do you know how many people have never had their genes tested?

"real" - very much a drag term in this context, but outside it -- eeep!

"retarded" -- ableism at its finest (or, given the amount of alcohol, possibly a temporarily accurate description)

"Discount Prices" -- surely he's worth full price.

Interestingly, there is a tendency south and west to have a bit of high strung animosity between the drag queens and the rest of the trans contingent -- especially transsexuals who compete or perform (and get crap because they do).

Based, in part, on the camp aspect -- some transfolks see it as outright misogyny; the exaggeration of womanhood to make fun of women.

I'm not quite *that* annoying. Yet.

It looks like it was an awesome and great time.

Sadly, Misty Eyez did not entertain well. The crowd managed itself, however, and got into a gender-free groove that will guarantee a Wicked Manors 2010.
Thanks, Officer, am I free to leave?

Wait - aren't you going to ask Dyss to handcuff you again? :)

Well, not all drag folks are great -- but it's good to hear the spirit moved above and beyond that.

And of course you can go! I'd never hold you longer than necessary! :D

And Bil, for shame! Father Tony and I may often be at loggerheads, but we both have a good sense of humor and prefer scarves to handcuffs...

I guess it is all right for a Drag Queen to say whatever she wants. After all she is part of the TG community? It would be like the African/Americans calling themselves the "N" word. It is all right for them to do it. To me, it is not all right. "Genetic Girls"? Whatever!