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Cha-Ching! The Insurance Companies Win?

Filed By Sara Whitman | November 23, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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So lemme see if I have this right... women are to wait until they are 50 for a mammogram, till 21 to have a pap smear, and all the research that showed otherwise is in the toilet?

Do you hear the wheels of the insurance industry crushing women's bones? Because I do.

Every woman, except one, I know who was diagnosed with breast cancer, was diagnosed in their early to mid 40's. Every one. And isn't pap smears about checking up after sexual activity starts? How many women do you know that waited until they were 21? Even in the "old days" that wasn't true.

And yet we have these recommendations, on the tail of restricted abortion access tagged onto the health care bill. But you can be sure, Viagra is still covered, 100%.

I find this appalling. Women's lives risked by profit margins. It doesn't matter how stunning your doctor is, how thoughtful, they will be tied by these rules. Don't worry- you can pay out of pocket for these procedures. Just like abortion has always been available to wealthy women.

Cha-Ching. The insurance companies win again.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | November 23, 2009 6:32 PM

The fun part is that they still do not know how to pay for what they are proposing to this point. I hear your righteous anger, but remember Social Security?

When established in 1935 to begin paying retired workers at age 65 Black men lived only to be 50 on average and White women lived only to 66 years nine months on average. Social Security is the most beloved of government entitlements, but it did not begin as a godsend, but a deduction from a pay stub many resented. It was unfair at the beginning as well. What can we grow this into over time? Something better I hope, but we will have to pay as we go.

Well, I'm a guy, so I don't know what the data to get a pap or mammogram would be, so I just did a google search for what the recommended age range for mammograms is for women in Canada (where I'm guessing the evil insurance companies aren't ruling) and it seems that even those Canadians recommend it be after 50 (

Might want to hit the google to substantiate your claims better...

Maybe Viagra can team up with gynecologists. Get a prescription for Viagra filled and get a free pap smear for a friend or relative! :(

beergoggles, I spoke with a good friend who not only survived breast cancer (diagnosed at 41) but also is in the public health care field.

her cancer was diagnosed by a lump, not a mammogram. and family history that made that little something very big.

she said, yes, it is easier to read a mammogram of a woman who is over 50. the shades of light vs. dark is far clearer. however, instilling good breast care health is critical and earlier is better.

and she was horrified about the pap smears. it's about sexual activity, not age.

Here's a link to an AlterNet article claiming that "47,000 Women Could Die As a Result of the New Mammogram Guidelines.

Socialized medicine or single payer medicine is the answer but we aren't going to get it from an administration or a congress so easily and regularly bribed by HMOs, insurance companies and Big Pharma.