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Down To the Wire

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Last month, Bil asked you to chip in to send me to Maine to write at my home blog, OpenLeft, about the campaign to protect marriage equality, and to build a broader movement of non-LGBT activists. Many of you generously did, and I went from Oct. 14-23 and wrote about how critical this campaign is, as well as explored a number of interesting aspects of the race.

I found the race so critically important that I came back. I just arrived on the ground this past weekend, and Election Day is tomorrow. Things are intense on the ground as the campaign gears up for its final push, and to make it even more intense, the Stand For Marriage Maine campaign just dropped a $25,000 fundraising push yesterday to put more ads on the air like this:

Their e-mail blast and what you can do about it with one day left before Election Day, after the jump.

Here's their e-mail:

The latest example of how those in power in Maine schools will push homosexual marriage on students involves Don Mendell, a public school counselor who appeared in a Yes on Question 1 television ad... Despite a lifetime of service, a formal complaint was filed with the state seeking to have his license revoked. They say because Mr. Mendell spoke out in support of Question 1 he should not be allowed to counsel students anymore.

We learned just Friday that the person who filed the complaint against Mr. Mendell works for a school principal who happens to be the husband of the gay activist teacher who appeared in a No on Question 1 commercial!

If this sort of thing can happen before homosexual marriage is even legalized, can you imagine what will happen once they have the law on their side? The message is unmistakable: It's fine to speak out if you support gay marriage, but if you speak out against it, they will punish you. It's just the latest example that if Question 1 fails and homosexual marriage is legalized, those in power in Maine schools will push it on students just as they are trying to punish one of Maine's best educators for supporting traditional marriage.

It is outrageous what is happening to Don Mendell. Voters need to hear about it, but we are out of money. We need to raise $25,000 right away so that we can buy more air time and inform voters about what is going on.

Here at TBP you've raised $5,600 to push our message out. You've chipped in to send me to Maine to help build this campaign. Bil's asked me to come back to report that the election is tomorrow, and the latest poll at DailyKos showed our side at 48% and the opposition at 47%. Now they're jumping their ad buys and that could be the deciding factor.

The No On 1/Protect Maine Equality has set up a 1-1 match for this at ActBlue. The campaign folks on the ground tell me if there's ever a time to dig deep, now is it. Tomorrow the people of Maine will decide our rights, and that last $10 or $20 you give could absolutely be the difference-maker.

When I always am asked to give, I always ask myself if my $10 or $20 is worth not feeling like crap when a cause I care about loses. On this issue- my right to marry- it's worth way more than that. We, as an LGBT movement, after losing more than 30 of these statewide votes on marriage, cannot feel like crap on Wednesday morning.

Please dig deep for this one last push to match their spending and increase our buy. We're down to the wire, and following Michael Jackson- this is it.

Click here to chip in for this one last push.

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48% in our favor
47% against

If that's not enough to motivate people, I don't know what is.

Get off your asses and give me $20 to help Maine, people. It'll be the best 3 cups of Starbucks you never bought.

Adam, thank you for this. We've been working really hard around here to try to convince folks to care. This is the most impassioned plea yet.

Its going to be so good to have you around!