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Fellatio in fruit bats

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | November 08, 2009 11:30 AM | comments

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My buddy Mike finds the most interesting things. For example, this article about a study of the blowjob habits of the fruit bat.

It raises numerous sexological questions. Do they like it here or there? Do they like it anywhere? Do they like to make a sound? Do they like it upside down?

Read on, me batty ones.

84935878_79d177add3.jpgWhy do you think blow jobs happen?

This is not a trick question.

Most of us would probably go for the, "Hey, that feels nice," theory of oral sex. But researchers Min Tan, Gareth Jones, Guangjian Zhu, et. al., think there may be more to it than simple pleasure. As part of their attempt to prove a practical function for oral sex, the team conducted a study of the fellatio habits of fruit bats. The paper was published October 28 in the journal PLoS ONE.


Read the study @PLoS ONE

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This so reminds me of my favorite T-shirt slogan: "Hands off the ears! I know what I'm doing!"

Although I came into this wide open, I'm leaving with my lips pursed...

(sorry, had to say it.)

I knew this post would really draw the blowjob jokes, but the first two alone had Jerame and I laughing and laughing. I can't wait to see what other Projectors come up with.

Interesting | November 8, 2009 1:39 PM

This study seems flawed. They watched a bunch of bats have sex, and sometimes the lady bats gave oral to the gentlemen bats. In the cases where the lady bats did the oral, the sex took longer to complete.

From this they conclude that oral sex serves the purpose of prolonging sex.

Did no one think that maybe the oral sex is happening when the gentleman bats are having trouble getting there and the ladies are trying to help get it done?

Their conclusion seems about as sound as looking at people running at a variety of speeds and seeing that when people sweat more, they were running faster, then concluding that sweating makes people run faster.

The female fruit bat licks the shaft WHILE the glans is in her. So during the act.

All I can say is, girl's got talent. I wish I was that bendy. After reading that, I'm heading to the gym to do about 70000 crunches, and then seeing my doctor about getting some ribs removed.

Dear Phil,
It isn't a matter of ribs as much as it is vertebrae. And while practicing your new skill at home, you better have a phone within reach in case your back seizes up, and have a script prepared for the 911 operator and for the paramedics who arrive to role you into the ambulance.

Phil, there is another way to approach this problem --- instead of perceiving it as a problem in vertebral dexterity, perhaps it is just a problem with tongue length. If you had a 30-inch tongue like Jar-Jar-Binks, licking your daddy while he bangs you wouldn't be such an impossibility --- and the need for Father Tony's 911 call would be very unlikely.

(I've envied Jar-Jar's tongue myself, but more in regards to giving the ultimate rim-job.)

Dear any reader with a 30 inch tongue.

Call me.

Phil's naughty bits.