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Florida Competitive Workforce Bill Filed To Add Anti-Discrimination Protections Statewide

Filed By Nadine Smith | November 21, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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I applaud the filing of the Competitive Workforce bill in the Florida House of Representative. House bill 391, filed by Rep. Kelly Skidmore, would add sexual orientation and gender identity to Florida's civil rights statues.

Currently, it is legal to discriminate against someone in employment, housing and public accommodations because that person is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). The bill would add these categories into laws that already protect Floridians based on race, age, disability, sex and religion.

"I am proud to be the sponsor of this very important legislation," said Representative Skidmore, "I look forward to working with Equality Florida and all Floridians who believe that discrimination is wrong and ought to be illegal."

As the Competitive Workforce Bill was being filed, the Tampa City Council voted to add "gender identity and gender expression" to its existing human right ordinance, which already includes sexual orientation protections.

"Even as cities and companies across our state adopt policies banning anti-gay and gender identity-based discrimination, Florida law fails to provide statewide protection to LGBT Floridians against workplace discrimination," said Mallory Wells, Public Policy Director for Equality Florida, "Equality Florida is working with fair-minded legislators to introduce this legislation because no one should lose their job because of who they are."

Organizations and businesses can sign online to support the Competitive Workforce Bill.

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Now this is legislation that's important to the entire state's LGBT community. Glad to see the hard work is being put in. How will Equality Florida be helping Rep Skidmore?

If this was filed yesterday... only appropriate as it was International Transgender Remembrance Day.

Signed, but the retweet does not work correctly it comes out to some kind of music link.

@Bil We've been building grassroots support for this legislation for years. Last year we had almost 500 people participate in our annual Lobby Day.
Now we are also reaching out to major employers in the state to stand with us.They don't have to be headquartered here as long as they have employees in the state and fully inclusive policies.
It is important that we stand by those who fight for us and Kelly Skidmore has been a real champion as has her Senate counterpart Dan Gelber. Floridians should remember those names at the ballot box.

LOrion-We'll check into the retweet function. Thanks for the heads up. Please put the link out on your social networks. Everyone knows a Floridian :)