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GLAAD's LGBT ad award winners

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 01, 2009 4:00 PM | comments

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GLAAD has put out their Media Award winners in advertising. Here's the Orbitz commercial that took the top prize (notice the tiny HRC logo on that one guy's polo as well as the rainbow flag in the background):

Category winners after the jump.

This Bertolli ad won "Outstanding TV - LGBT Market."

AllState Insurance won "Outstanding Print/Outdoor - Mainstream market."


This Progressive ad won "Outstanding Print/Outdoor - LGBT market."


This Kenneth Cole ad won "Outstanding Advertising - Electronic."

Here's the winner in "Outstanding Advertising - Print."


And Toyota won in the "Outstanding Interactive" category. I can't find the link, though, so maybe it got taken down....


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I love the Kenneth Cole / Nina Poon commercial. Enlighting, thought provoking and funny as well.

....and I suddenly feel a need for shoes.

I'm curious why the Ortbitz ad one top prize. I've seen it on tv several time and have always been particularly annoyed with it. It uses code language (the HRC logo / rainbow flag) that let's LGBT people, know- hey look we will take your money as well, without doing anything that might make straight viewers uncomfortable.

I would figure most straight people (and for that fact, many LGBT people) don't even recognize its a gay ad. Which I guess it is.

Its rather ho-hum to me.

Amen. The Orbitz ad gets first place? What the hell is gay about it except one guy is wearing an HRC polo shirt - and Orbitz gave a sly nod and said, "Uh, yeah. We meant to do that." It's already been said that the ad agency slipped it in without Orbitz realizing it meant anything. Why do they win for that?

The Kenneth Cole ad was the best shown - but, sadly, wasn't shown on TV - only online. When will they have the balls to show it to the masses instead of just a select audience?

Don't worry, Bil. The balls are coming. The balls are on their way.

Check out the commercial closet, there have been some bold gay commercials, they're just few and far between. Orbitz has been doing gay-friendly commercials for years, but usually only aired them during 'gay' shows like Queer Eye or Project Runway. This was Orbitz's first attempt to do a gay-ish commercial that they can show during The Middle or House or something. Its dipping the toe in a little to check the temperature. I don't doubt Orbitz's commitment to our community. The've been incredibly progressive.

Speaking of which, though, Progressive deserves a LOT of props. Over the last year, I saw that ad campaign on a LOT of NON-GAY websites. True, they were lefty progressive sites (I tend to go to no others) or facebook (which knows I'm gay), but it was wonderful to see, none-the-less.

Seeing pro-gay advertising in the mainstream media will be a huge step because it sends a message to audiences--you're watching the same stuff as the gays, and we'd like to talk to THEM for a little bit, thank you. It also sends a message to networks: MORE GAY CONTENT, THEY ARE WATCHING.

It also is one of a million things that help "normalize" LGBT Americans in the public eye. If they see us gayin' it up in a commercial 100,000 times over the course of a month, the ick factor goes down ever so slightly.

Don't underestimate the importance of these ads.

If we want to see more ads geared toward us on MAINSTREAM TV, we should start by putting pressure on those KNOWN to target us--look to the Logo advertisers.

Who will be the first to show two BOYS kissing in a commercial during Prime Time network TV? Sorry girls, not that I don't love you, but beer commercials love kissing girls already. That wouldn't be so revolutionary. I want to see a Betty Crocker or Pilsburry commercial with two daddies.

Who will be the first? I doubt we will have to wait very long... the toe went in and out and the temperature seems just fine!

Remember when we were FIGHTING for advertising, though? When we had to go to Ford and reassure them about AFA and beg them to keep advertising in LGBT media and ignore the boycott? I rather like where we are now that we have gay code in the mainstream media. It shows progress to me.

I'm confused about the Orbitz ad. I've watched it twice and don't see any rainbow flag (unless the little white flag they are holding has some kind of rainbow design on it, but it's flapping in the wind so much I can't tell -- even then it's not THE rainbow flag).

But also, are the two guys focused in on supposed to be a couple? There's nothing to indicate that other then the fact they are standing next to each other. They booked separate flights. And the one getting a refund doesn't look upset at all that the other guy isn't getting one. If that was my partner who got the short stick, I'd at least hold back the goofy grin.

I understand testing the waters, but why is the top honor going to an ad that tests the waters. In the end, it looks more like an HRC-friendly ad then an LGBT-friendly ad to me. If they are testing anything it is the recognizability of the HRC logo.