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Get your self-pitying hate straight before you waste our time

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I don't know why this marine attacked this priest, and it doesn't seem like he does either.

First he claims that the guy was a Muslim terrorist who shouted "Allahu Akbar," so he had to respond by beating him up. Conservatives all learned what that meant this week, so now they think it makes for a good defense:

When officers arrived, police say, Bruce told them he heard the man say "Allahu Akbar" - Arabic for "God is great."

"That's what they say before they blow you up," Bruce said, according to police.

I wouldn't be surprised if we find out that Bruce consumed a steady diet of conservative media. Fox News, Michelle Malkin, et al. have been up in arms this week because they don't think we're taking the jihadists in our midst seriously enough, and they've been repeating the "Allahu Akbar" thing over and over again.

But then it turns out that the victim wasn't Muslim. He was Christian. And not just Christian, but a Christian priest. What's a hater to do? Claim gay panic:

TAMPA - The priest was lost in the Channel District and needed directions to Interstate 275, so he tapped a U.S. Marines reservist on the arm and, in a thick Greek accent, asked for help.

That's how police say the incident began.

But Lance Cpl. Jasen Bruce said the man, who was wearing a robe, sandals and a long beard, propositioned him in English and grabbed his genitals.[...]

But at a news conference today, Bruce's attorney said his client didn't understand what Marakis said.

"Lance Cpl. Bruce defended himself with the full legality of the law for being sexually attacked and potentially robbed," lawyer Jeffrey Brown said.

What makes me angry about this story is just how flimsy the marine's excuses are and the fact that they're based in non-sensical stereotypes of minorities that turn them from generally decent human beings with all the same faults and qualities as any other group of people and turn them into dangerous monsters out to hurt everyone else.

And, because each of these minorities is in a position of dis-privilege in the US, people actually believe that they have the power to hurt others and that they're a threat. It's a mind-numbing paradox: because they're not actually dangerous, the majority along each axis of identity can say that they're dangerous.

We don't know the real reason the marine attacked this man. It seems to be that the Greek priest stopped and asked him for directions, and the marine, hearing an accent, beat him up. So his excuse is: "No, I'm not xenophobic, I'm just Islamophobic. Oh, wait, he's not Muslim? I'm homophobic, then. Priests are gay, right?"

By the way, Bruce, the marine, was also victimized by journalists here:

Brown said the police initially called the Marine a "hero" and said the priest was "mentally ill."

He called the police's account "one-sided" and said the department should investigate a sergeant he said made derogatory comments about the Marine's military background.

Police said that sergeant is, himself, a veteran. They say that the priest was disoriented when they found him at the corner of Madison and Meridian avenues, but a translator at Tampa General Hospital helped him communicate. And that the GPS corroborates the priest's story.

You know the police and the mainstream media, always hating on the troops. You can't get them to say one nice thing about a soldier!

And he has a history of violence:

According to police reports, Allen met Bruce Halloween night in 2007. Bruce was at Calta's Fitness. Allen hooked Bruce's Jaguar up to his tow truck because Bruce had parked it in front of a janitorial business next door to the gym.

When Bruce saw that Allen was towing his vehicle, he ran outside with a couple other people, Allen recalls.

"They were all yelling and all of a sudden (Bruce) comes running across the bed (of the truck) with both hands and hits me in the chest," Allen said. "It hurt. Probably the hardest I've been hurt in my life."

And he said he was the victim in that incident:

According to the police report, Bruce defended himself to officers by saying that Allen grabbed him first and that he shoved back to get away. Allen disputes that, adding that Bruce is "a young man with a lot of rage."

Allen suffered an injury to his back that still plagues him today.

Fortunately that tow truck driver wasn't a minority, or his whole race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, etc., would be blamed for the crime.

This guy certainly has issues. Unfortunately, his issues have a cable news channel and talk radio programs and are inspiring an entire conservative movement in the US. As long as people continue to make hobgoblins out of entire classes of people, stuff like this is going to keep on happening.

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Jeez. I didn't even HEAR about this. Thanks, Alex!

The Marine (actually a Reservist, not fully active-duty Marine) was on a radio talk show this morning, according to a co-worker, and told a story that (from just his side of things) supposedly sounded plausible (assuming things did happen as HE says they did, which I think is unlikely).

He claims that the priest walked up to him as he was busy getting things out of his trunk, said "I want to f*ck you." and grabbed the Marine's balls. That's why, he claims, he pulled-out the tire iron from the trunk to defend himself, and supposedly warned the priest not to come towards him again. The priest did step towards him and that's when he pulled-out his cell phone and dialed 9-1-1 as he was swinging the tire iron at the priest.

He's trying to claim that if he were the instigator and was the one attacking the priest, why would HE be the one calling 9-1-1 to report the attack.

There's a video linked from Joe.My.God of a local news crew's report on the incident with what they knew of the story as of last night that seems to give a much more plausible version of the story (for those who'd like to know more).

By the way, the Marine's also a beefcake model and has a lot of rather homoerotic (at least that's how I see them from what little I saw during the news video) pics on some website somewhere. Funny how a person might try to make money off of the lust of gay people and then beat-up someone who he claims was trying to make a move on him in person...

As I understand it he chased the priest three blocks and pinned him down in self defense.

I don't like this incident. I don't like 'Bruce' being named as either a Marine or as a Marine Reservist. I've worked elbow to elbow with my Marine family and its a discrace to them and thier core values to have someone like this to ever be publically named as a Marine in anyway, shape or form.

Bruce is just a wanna be, a thug and has to be unhinged more than a bit to be such a ass.

Can't defend your actions? Need a scapegoat? Try new Gay Panic! It'll wash away all your indiscretions!

This guy is simply a narcissistic bully who doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions, period.

Normally I disapprove of Blog Ranting. Its a form of acting out I stick my nephew in the corner for.

In this case however, well done Alex and carry on.