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Guess Who Just Played the Gay Card?

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Editors' Note: Guest blogger Adam Bink is the Online Strategy Manager at Progressive Strategies, LLC, and manages design and advertising at, a blog covering national progressive politics. He is a Dupont Circle resident and enjoys cooking, cycling, ultimate frisbee, and independent shops of all kinds. Adam submitted this yesterday, but I couldn't get it up until now.

Take a look over at your calendar. Yes, it's Halloween. I meant a few days past that. You know, first Tuesday in November. Election Day!

Yes, it's here already. Here at TBP you've read a great deal about the No On 1 campaign in Maine to protect marriage equality, and also about Referendum 71 in Washington State on domestic partnerships, and the effort in Kalamazoo, MI to keep anti-discrimination protections.

But there's one more big campaign that will affect our community, and the gay card was just played.

Jon Corzine and Christopher Daggett say they would legalize same-sex marriage. Chris Christie says he supports a Marriage Protection Amendment that defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman. Jon Corzine and Christopher Daggett say they want to convert all same-sex civil unions to marriages. Chris Christie opposes that plan. When you vote this Tuesday, please vote for the candidate that shares your values.

That's Chris Christie's hate mail he just dropped into New Jersey residents' mailboxes. In NJ, there's a governor's race on- Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine is running for re-election against Christie. Gov. Corzine is only one of a few gubernatorial candidates I know of- Eliot Spitzer of New York and Deval Patrick of Massachusetts being the prominent cases- who touts his support for marriage equality on the campaign trail.

But what makes Jon Corzine different from Spitzer and Patrick is that he was out there talking about it when he was down by 14 points earlier this summer. Spitzer won by 69% and Patrick won by twenty points. But Corzine was down by double digits, and all the pundits were telling him to talk about something else... and he kept talking about how important it is to give us our right to marry.

Now, the polls are dead-even, the election is Tuesday, and Gov. Corzine is still talking about it- and Chris Christie decided to use us as a political football.

Not only does stuff like this make me furious, but there's another wrinkle to this race. We have just enough votes in the state legislature to pass marriage equality. But if Christie is elected governor, we may kiss our chances goodbye for another four years.

So, I want to ask for your help. This weekend will be fun with Halloween and parties. But the day after Election Day, it won't be much fun for LGBT couples in New Jersey if Christie gets elected governor (it won't be much fun for anyone but his cronies, really).

The campaign has set up a virtual phonebanking tool- all you need is a phone, an internet connection, and few hours. No experience necessary. Click here to get started.

If you're in NJ, you can find your local field office by clicking here, or calling the hotline at 877-NJ-GOV-09.

New Jersey could be the next state on the map. But it could either happen next month, or we could find ourselves left behind for four- or more- years. Please help out by calling or helping out in person.

Consider it your trick-or-treat present to New Jersey couples.

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Not shocked this happened, Adam. Thank you for sharing this information with us, though, and showing us how we can help. I know we're all spreading ourselves very thin right now, but we've all got to do whatever we can for our brothers and sisters in other states, and around the nation!

Têtuniçois | November 2, 2009 5:02 AM

yes to same marriage
no to bigots and americans talibans

beachcomberT | November 2, 2009 5:45 AM

Thanks for spotlightling this anti-gay trash. We've got to expose it whenever it pops up.

I'm not surprised. How many times has Christie now spelled out that he's a fundie? I hope the people of New Jersey see through him. Why are Corzine's numbers so low that he was in jeopardy?

PS - Glad you're finally becoming a contributor. You'll be a great fit with the Bilerico family.