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Hate crimes up in 2008

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It's not really surprising that the FBI is reporting that hate crimes based on sexual orientation went up in 2008. The trend has already been remarked in New York and in California. It's almost as if demonization of LGBTQ people being given such a huge platform didn't work out well for us.

Also interesting is the break-down:

- 57.5 percent were victims of an offender's anti-male homosexual bias.
- 27.3 percent were victims because of an anti-homosexual bias.
- 11.6 percent were victims because of an anti-female homosexual bias.
- 2.0 percent were victims because of an anti-heterosexual bias.
- 1.6 percent were victims because of an anti-bisexual bias.

I'm going to guess that breaking things down that specifically makes it place a lot of cases. If a bisexual man gets beaten up while cruising, do police count that as "anti-male homosexual," "anti-homosexual," or "anti-bisexual" bias?

Although it's quite clear, with the FBI backing it up, that the whines coming from the right that gays are turning violent against "people who believe in traditional marriage" are fairly stupid. Straight people have always been much more violent against LGBT people than the other way around, and it's ridiculous that some would even assert otherwise.

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Sadly, I am not at all surprised that hate crimes against members of the LBGT community increased in 2008. In my opinion,
there is zero tolerance against comments or jokes against individuals in all groups except members of the LBGT community.
Maybe at some level society is saying that anti-Gay attitudes/behavior is tolerated.

Hate crimes usually go up during an election year, especially if SSM is on the agenda. And it certainly was in 2008 as Repbulicans and Democrats competed for the bigot vote. Obama won.

Hate crimes increase in direct proportion to hate speech. Candidates like Obama and McCain cater to the bigotry of the religious right by attacking our right to be married, giving credence to cult inspired hate speech which in turn empowers thugs. In the mind of hater thugs "gawd's in the mix" translates into "gawd told me to bugsmack a fag." So they do.

The new hate crimes reporting law has to be enhanced by laws mandating draconian punishments for hate crimes against us, women, minorities, immigrants and trade unionists. And it needs to be changed so that we can demand the indictment of cult leaders who advocate or promote violence against us, women, minorities, immigrants and trade unionists.

And people have to rething the idea of supporting candidates who promote hate crimes.

Amy McDonald | November 25, 2009 4:29 PM

Alex religious based hate crimes rose even higher than hate crimes based on sexual orientation.It would be interesting to see what the break down on them is.Is it Christians being attacked or non Christians suffering from misguided attackers taking the war on terror into their own hands.People from India have been mistakenly attacked for being Muslim. I spent a little time trying to find the breakdown for that myself but haven't had any success yet.Having those numbers to list as well would ad more credibility to your post.