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I need your help ASAP!

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I know I was lucky enough to win the NYC Anti-Violence Project's Courage Award last night along with fellow contributor Pam Spaulding (for her own fantastic site, Pam's House Blend), Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. and Andy Towle from Towleroad. But can you help us to win another award today?

Best_Indiana_Blogs.jpgWe're only 200 votes shy from winning 1st place as Indiana's Best Blog. Think about that for a second. Indiana blog. When you think of Indiana, do you think LGBT issues? My home state didn't even have a hate crimes law until the federal government signed it into law!!

We're in 7th place currently and voting ends at midnight. Over 12.5k visitors came to Bilerico Project yesterday alone. Imagine how much we could cream the competition if everyone who visited today voted! What a landslide that would be for an LGBT blog in a Midwestern non-gay friendly state.

You can only vote once and voting ends tonight at midnight Eastern. Help us pull out the win! Please!

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Having reviewed the top ten vote getters, I have to ask: Isn't this like winning a dead fish?

Suggestion: Create your own top 50 gay site context

Woo! Suddenly, we are number two! C'mon folks, cast a vote for Bilerico. :)

Although My Old Kentucky Home had a video of the dirty projectors up on their front page. Jeez, I shoulda put that up for a ygst instead and we'd be winning.

Donna Pandori Donna Pandori | November 10, 2009 8:37 PM

We are sooo close. Come on projectors!

i was pleased to give you my vote--hope it helps because Bilerico deserves it!

Voted! But how boring that a signage blog is beating the Bilerico Project!

Looks like you were beat out by Digital Signage Solutions.

I voted fo you! (I don't always agree with everything on this site - and there is one contributor that absolutley makes my flesh crawl - BUT, Bilerico Project always, always gives me something to think about.) Good work, Bil. I hope you win.