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In York, Maine Today: No on One!

Filed By Sara Whitman | November 03, 2009 5:00 PM | comments

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My friend, and fellow board member of Mass Equality, Pete and I hit the road this morning to knock on doors. Specifically, we were in Kittery. The campaign was set up at the York Harbor Inn, and set up with incredible efficiency.

We signed in, were processed, and sent out with marching orders in less than fifteen minutes. maine_beach.jpgYes, this even included a brief training on how to approach folks.

The sun was out, the air crisp- it doesn't get any better than this for a voting day. We parked and set off in opposite directions. Most people were not home, but those who were were adamantly for No one One. It felt great. One elderly woman said to me, Betta believe I'm votin' no... Making my husband, too.

I think that's what has struck me the most about this campaign, here, in Maine. When I was in California for Prop 8, I didn't see any older, or elderly people. I have, over and over again here. Life long Mainers, who have an opinion and a strong one. Who are at the campaign headquarters, or driving around knocking on doors today, making calls, organizing food, coffee... it's stunning to see.

And they say that's the generation that needs to die off to get marriage equality. I say, come to Maine before you wish that.

So far? I have a very good feeling. The campaign is organized, stocked with volunteers, and running smoothly. It's a perfect day to vote.

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Thanks for the wonderful report, and thanks for your work in Maine. You're great.

polling in washington state shows voters over 65 also supporting the civil commitment law (r-71), although the most recent polling for that age group is within the margin of error.

You made me smile, Sara. Thanks for this update.

Sara, thanks for the on-site reporting from York County, Maine, where life is the way it should be. So glad you and Pete and other MassEquality folk are up there today. Beautiful day for voting and, I hope, for a most important victory. But either say, No on 1 has done us all proud!

I'm blown away by the work done by my organization, MA equality. two buses today, buses every weekend for the last few...

but now I'm down for hte count. I have a fever and cough- yup, call me swine sara- and am delegated to the couch and texting updates to the team in the field.

They are currently predicting a record turn out for an off election year.

And you know, I saw a guy going out surfing this morning... the waves were huge.