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Is Alan Grayson a politician, a rock star, or a nut job?

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Florida Rep. Alan Grayson is making a lot of waves on Capitol Hill over health care, and his words seem to be resonating with folks--and enraging others. This video comes directly from Grayson's own Rock-star-like YouTube channel.

How does a first-term unknown Florida Representative get to spar toe-to-toe with TV heavyweight Bill Maher? It may be that he went to the United States House of Representatives floor and said this:

Guts like that aren't common on the hill today. Folks sick of the wishy-washy back-and-forth over health care reform took notice of Rep. Grayson. LGBT people especially perked up.

For years we've known better than anyone the problems with this country's health care system--we've had to deal with discriminatory hospitals, poor coverage, relationship discrimination, all on top of the everyday problems that most Americans face in health-care: bad or no insurance coverage, poor service, long-lines, bad advice and expensive drugs.

We also know how cowardly our elected officials can be when it comes to standing up to opposition on the Hill. We've been sold out millions of times--from "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the Defense of Marriage Act, to most recently the abandoning of our transgender brothers and sisters in hate crimes and employment non-discrimination legislation. We know what its like to 'get taken.' Maybe that's why Grayson resonates so well with us. He's doing what other politicians we've supported in the past have failed to do--he's keeping his backbone.

He's an LGBT ally as well, cosponsoring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Equal Rights for Health Care Act Title 42 and the Military Readiness Enhancement Act which will lift the ban on gays and lesbians serving in the armed forces; as well as supporting numerous bullying and safe-schools bills, and AIDS and HIV care bills. We've yet to see what he thinks of the Domestic Partnerships Benefits and Obligations Act, the Uniting American Families Act, or the Respect for Families Act to repeal DOMA. However, if Rep. Grayson champions all of his causes the way he champions health care reform, he's a great person to have in our corner.

We have to help Rep. Grayson face his fearsome competition in the year ahead. As you can guess, after Grayson made waves, Republicans immediately began gunning for him. Anyone who stands out on the other side of the aisle always becomes a target--can't let anyone ever become a hero for the progressive movement, of course!

Grayson has had a few other things to say about those who stand in the way of the progressive agenda. He called Dick Cheney a "vampire," and said Rush Limbaugh is "one sorry excuse for a human being."

Rep. Alan Grayson is going to be facing tough competition in Florida's 8th District--Orlando--in 2010, a district that--prior to Grayson's election was solidly Republican.

I got to tell you, I think I'm in love with this man! Love him or hate him, it takes a lot of chutzpah to 'tell it like it is' in American Politics anymore. Anyone with 'brass balls' like that in the US House has got to be kept around, because it'll be a cold day in hell before we see anyone else with guts like his in our US legislature. I'm definitely going to be giving to the "Money Bomb" today. Has Grayson won your support enough to join me in supporting him?

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Oh, yeah... Already gave to MoneyBomb. Had no idea about his postiitons on LGBT issues... Great if he is supportive.. and as I become more of a gung-ho Progressive daily.

I think we should still put pressure on him for the bills he's NOT cosponsoring in our arena--UAFA, DPBO, DOMA repeal...

However, he's exactly the sort of outspoken legislator I think progressives have been looking for.

"Is (he) a Rockstar, a politician or a nutjob?" I don't see why he can't be all three.

I've been interested in him for a while since his was a surprise win in his district and it's very cool that he is speaking up.

I vote for all three - but I still want to see his positions on DOMA, etc.