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It's About All of Us

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"We didn't [win in Maine], and there's a simple reason. Our message to protect our civil rights is about us, not about all of America. We've failed to make our cause a universal battle for civil rights. A message about us also defines the battle as one being waged against them."

--Sue O'Connell, Bay Windows

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Sue makes and interesting point, but the flagrant and offensive behavior displayed by some homosexuals serves to cancel any headway towards acceptance of gay marriage, or the homosexual community in general.

A case in point is a client who is considering legal action to remedy hateful and libelous attacks simply because he dared to express a view not currently in vogue with the gay community.

Another example: The current jamming of Kansas City Chiefs' Larry Johnson is interpreted as a violation of free speech even by those who find his statements abhorrent. It's viewed as mean, hateful and vindictive.

Perhaps when the gay community learns to apply basic social courtesies of civil protocol they and their agenda will be accepted.

Dr. Jamison so it is ok to express verbal hatred or physical violence toward LBGT's? It happens every day in just about every city! Someone in the LBGT has to endure verbal hatred or physical violence. How much more flagrant and offensive can that be? Guess it is ok to; fire some one from a job, verbally abuse, beat to a pulp, or kill LBGT people beacuse your straight and we are not? How would you feel if all those things happened to you just beacuse you have a Dr. in front of your name?

What do you mean when you say "Perhaps when the gay community learns to apply basic social courtesies of civil protocol they and their agenda will be accepted." Kind of is like your saying "Those gay people need to know their place! They should not show affection in public or for that matter they should not be seen in Public at all! They should act straight so as to not offend good people like me!"

Dr. Jamison, Just how many Gay or LBGT people have you met? Have you spent any time talking to even one of Us? I keep hearing about a Gay agenda in a lot of hate speeches! If you have a copy of one could you sent it to me? Are you in one of those Straight groups that wish to control everyone else? Maybe you have a straight agenda? Could you send me a copy of it?