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Queering Obama's first state dinner

Filed By Diane Silver | November 25, 2009 4:30 PM | comments

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On this Thanksgiving Day's Eve, it's delightful to note that at least one openly lesbian couple and one openly gay couple attended President Obama's state dinner for the prime minister of India last night. What's even more fun is the fact that the attendees included Bilerico's very own, Kate Clinton. So, Kate, when are you posting about the social event of the year?

The guest list is posted on Time Magazine's Swampland blog and includes:

The Honorable Fred Hochberg, Export-Import Bank

Thomas P Healy
Ms. Urvashi Vaid

Ms. Kate Clinton

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Why is is delightful to know that a couple of gay couples got to eat dinner with the President when MILLIONS of us don't have equal rights? I call BULLSHIT on this blog. Why should we be thrilled that one lesbian couple and one gay couple can eat somewhere unmolested when we can't at the Tastee Diner in Silver Springs? Or when queers in Atlanta or Dallas can't go to a bar in peace? Or when guys in Salt Lake City can't kiss is public? This is exactly the mediocre "victory" that the GayTM establishment has tried to forcefeed us for the last two decades. Why care about equality when we have token equality!

Oops, I missed a few on my list of out folks who were at the state dinner. The Advocate has the full list. The mag notes that this includes movie producer David Geffen and his partner, Jeremy Lingvall; and Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes and his partner, Sean Eldridge.

As to the comment... Who said this was a victory? Who said these kinds of invitations take the place of winning changes in the law? Certainly, not me. I thought it was fun that these folks were at the event, particularly given that one of these kind people can post about it here. A dinner is no substitute for equality, but then again, I've never said it was.

Dear Harry Hay, who isn't the wonderful but departed actual Harry, have a wonderful holiday. I wish you well.

I agree, Diana. I hope Kate can give us all the goss.

As for victories.... I have one criterion for knowing we've won. When a Republican President has some Trans people as guests... and this is the important part.... and that doesn't get reported anywhere because it's so humdrum and ordinary.