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Maggie Gallagher (NOM) attended pro gay marriage rally in DC

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Metro Weekly, Washington DC's GLBT magazine, is reporting Maggie Gallagher attended a pro gay marriage rally in Washington, DC, the night following Maine's vote on same-sex marriage.

A protest rally held in Dupont Circle tonight brought together same-sex marriage supporters who say they were angered by yesterday's vote to overturn marriage rights in Maine.

A surprise attendee of the rally was Maggie Gallagher, President of the National Organization for Marriage.

Video after the jump.

Can anyone identify the gentleman to her right?

According to Metro Weekly:

Gallagher said she had just been at a nearby building and it was by "great coincidence" that she was passing by. She stated that she was not attending the event as part of a professional capacity and did not wish to go on camera for an interview.

Maggie sat quietly, attentively, and very at ease. She did not look intimidated or threatened by the "militant homosexuals" whom NOM wants to hide their donor list from. In response to her presence, the crowd was respectful.

After the rally ended, Gallagher was asked if opponents of same-sex marriage like her were enjoying the ability to prevent people from having the right to get married. She replied that "People can make up what they want, but they can't make up what's in my head.... I am enjoying the victory in Maine for which we fought hard, but I am not enjoying seeing people disagree with me. No." Asked to explain what exactly "the victory" was, she stated, "People disagree on this issue. And I think it's important to hear what people who disagree with you say. That's why I showed up." She concluded by saying she didn't think gay unions were marriages and that changing the definition of marriage would do a lot of damage.

Perhaps we will see Maggie at future events? You never know.

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 5, 2009 6:30 PM


I am the marriage activist in the video who calls NOM out for the lies they tell about us and our families. Maggie may not enjoy seeing people disagree with her, but we won't stand for being treated as second class citizens.

We continue to work hard to win marriage equality in DC and we don't appreciate NOM moving its headquarters to DC simply to oppose us.

Why wasn't I surprised to click through to watch the video and see your face beaming back at me from the freezeframe?

Ah, the Bilerico Ed Team... You never know where one of us will pop up next. :) Rock on, Michael. Rock on!

I hope I am not stoned for this but I am happy to see her in attendance. Maybe one day she will grow to understand our community and our humanity. She is also a child of God, she also has the opportunity for the power of love to enter her heart and reason to enter her thinking on this issue, maybe one day she will change and grow?

I know that as a teenager and young adult I suffered from internalized homophobia. While I would not have fought to prohibit marriage equality, I doubt I would have been in favor. I have grown and I am grateful for that.

By allowing her to be present with respect and dignity, our Washington DC friends have given us all a lesson in humanity and respect. Thank you.

Donna Pandori Donna Pandori | November 5, 2009 7:46 PM

Couln't agree with you more. I had similar thoughts.

I'm surprised that she had the nerve to show her face at a gay rights rally, right after what had happened in Maine. Well, if she doesn't like to have people disagree with her when it comes to gay rights, then she needs to get use to it. The battle for gay rights is far from over. Celebrate our victories, but learn from our losses. The gay community will come back stronger then ever next time.

Kathy Padilla | November 5, 2009 8:57 PM

"People can make up what they want, but they can't make up what's in my head"

I'm pretty sure that no one wants to brave entering your head to change anything. They want to change the law. You can continue to keep whatever you've made up in your head right where it is.

Her attendance doesn't surprise me much.

Maggie's chosen role is providing cover -- in calm, Yale-educated, mainstream fashion -- to the lies and hysteria her organization promotes.

And, she will use her presence there in anecdotes, describing herself as the peaceful, non-hateful observer in the middle of angry gay attacks.

Are gay leaders attending NOM events in similar fashion?