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Pixis, Chumbys, and Wifi (Oh My!) [Gay Geeks]

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I promise, not one mention of Android vs iPhone this time around. Instead, I've got a gift from Google, a new phone that doesn't run Android, and a bedside clock to rule all bedside clocks.


A Gift from Google


If you plan on making some holiday air travel, Google has a present for you. Starting Monday, November 16th, through January 15th, 2010, you can enjoy free WiFI at 47 airports across the country. Planning on flying Virgin (I haven't been in a Virgin in years!) America? There's free WiFi in the sky too! Besides the obvious PR goldmine this is, Google would love for you to pay it forward, and free WiFi beneficiaries "will have the option make a donation to Engineers Without Borders, the One Economy Corporation or the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Google will match the donations made across all the networks up to $250,000, and the airport network that generates the highest amount per passenger by January 1, 2010 will receive $15,000 to donate to the local nonprofit of their choice." (via

Now Available: Palm Pixi


The Palm Pre has been chugging along quite nicely behind all the Android/iPhone clamor, and its candybar sister, the Pixi, is now available. At $99 (or much cheaper from various resellers, it appears they're trying to give this one away) on a new 2yr contract on Sprint, the Pixi is one of the more affordable smartphones in the market. The Pixi features a 2.63" capacative multitouch display, EVDO Rev. A, a full QWERTY keyboard, GPS, 3.5 mm headset jack, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 8 GB of storage space a MicroUSB port, proximity sensor, light sensor, accelerometer, ringer switch, 1150 mAh battery,various NFL Mobile Live, NASCAR Sprint Cup, Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation, etc). (via Sprint)

Gifts for Geeks: the Chumby One


Geeks love frivolous gadgets, especially ones with USB ports. I've had my eye on the soft and bulky Chumby since the start, but never had the urge to shell over $199 for one. What is a Chumby you ask? Think of it as a desk clock that runs apps, like pandora radio, twitter, facebook, email, music, flickr, and pretty much anything else you can get it to do.

The Chumby One just launched and at $100 the price is a lot easier to swallow, plus improvements like running off of rechargeable batteries, faster processor, and 2GB of internal microSD storage make it a bit more desirable than its plushier original. I can't say that this device will change your life, or impress your Luddite friends, but if you bought this for your geeky lover on Christmas, it just might get you a few more minutes under the mistletoe. Ships 11/25. (via Chumby)

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