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Preacher's Sons: Two Dads, Five Sons, Four Cities

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PPreachers_Sons_1768_200.jpgresident Barack Obama, in his proclamation of November as National Adoption Month, said: "By continually opening up the doors to adoption, and supporting full equality in adoption laws for all American families [my emphasis], we allow more children to find the permanent homes they yearn for and deserve."

The new documentary Preacher's Sons underscores why we have to hold him to this. The film, by C Roebuck Reed and her late husband Mark Nealey, shows us five years in the lives of two gay dads and the five boys they adopt from California's foster care system.

Greg Stewart is a Unitarian Universalist minister; Stillman Stewart is a former children's social worker now taking care of their sons full time. Arthur, adopted at seven, had 15 foster placements, three failed adoptions, and a history of abuse and neglect. The Stewarts were his last chance before an institution. Javonte, also adopted at seven, came to them with his five-year-old brother Dionte after nine foster placements. The brothers had learned to hoard food, but did not know how to use silverware. Allen, born with a cocaine addiction through his mother, came to the family when he was three, in foster care his entire life. David, the youngest, also came from an addicted mother, but was lucky enough to be placed with the Stewarts at two weeks old, his second placement.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Reed recently for Bay Windows, and I hope you'll pop over there to read more about the family and the film.

In the Life television will be airing the first 20 minutes of the 90-minute documentary, plus an interview with Reed, in November. Check their site for local airtimes or to view it online.

The full DVD is for sale at www.preacherssons.com. They're only $20 each, three for $50, or ten for $100. Buy copies for all your friends, plus the schools, libraries, and social service agencies near you. (Reed is also developing study guides for high school and college students, and for child service agencies to use in training foster and adoptive parents.)

Reed says she made the film specifically for middle America, however, not just for the LGBT community. She is hoping for investors to fund further distribution and showings. If you know of (or are) an angel investor, please contact her at [email protected].

Below, a trailer for the In the Life presentation of the film:

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll have to give this a look. I have long been an adoption activist working to changes lots of the aspects of adoption in many state including the rules that don't let same sex couples adopt in some areas.

Regan DuCasse | November 14, 2009 5:23 PM

There are few, if any, CPS that aren't overwhelmed, understaffed and corrupted in this country. Unwanted children by the millions languish with little stability, more poverty and abuse by neglect and a dearth of decent parents.

Two things make no logical sense:
1. That gay people are denied marriage by the ridiculous mantra that gay people don't procreated.

2. That gay people 'deprive' a child of one of either gender parent.

One might look at the reality of children who's needs are not being met by incompetent bio units or no parents at all and go WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

When there are competent adults willing to make such a generous and committed statement regarding love and responsibility to children, with so many difficulties, EVERY state, everyone should be singing the praises of every couple just like them.

They are one of thousands gay couples and singles in this country easing the burden of children (and the state) no one otherwise cares about and that a state can't raise.

I don't see four needful and damaged young boys of color in the homes of Lou Sheldon or James Dobson, Pat Robertson or Tony Perkins or...I could go on.

This couple stepped up when it mattered. Period.
Maggus Gallagher bemoans that a gay couple getting married would diminish the 'specialness' of it as exclusive to men and women who do so to raise a child.

I can think of no other parents MORE or any LESS special than parents who bring so many children a place of stability, love and order than a couple like this.
Maggugly and Brian Brown are only showing just how arrogant they are and their supremacist values for affronting the generosity this couple has and Maggerface and Brian Brown clearly don't.

I watched this installment of In The Life recently and it's really great --- do try to catch it on your PBS station, or view it online.

Unfortunately, KET in Lexington, Kentucky chooses to show In The Life installments only in the wee hours of the morning --- luckily I'm a night owl and happened across it at 2:30 AM.

Obviously, the people at KET don't want GLBT issues to scare the horses ... or their more traditional super-family-oriented donors.