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Queer music Friday - Aiden James

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 06, 2009 5:00 PM | comments

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TBP reader Scott sent in this video for gay pop/rock singer Aiden James' video for "On the run." Scott says: "A good song, even after the election results." And the video's cute.

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Very nice. I caught myself sitting here figuring out the changes for the chords which is a habitual way of getting into a song for a musician.

The video is a little creepy... having some lady in my house having fantasies about what me and my boyfriend do would get me a little weirded out. Lady, what's wrong with YOUR boyfriend that you have to be all over me and my man?

I dislike the end of the video with the implication that the relationship ended badly. For once I'd like to see a gay singer-songwriter NOT make a sad or even sad-ish video. Some of us CAN manage to hold our relationships together, and not fly from dude to dude--some of us are not professional serial monogamists. Each time I see a portrayal of our inability to hold a relationship together in the media, it gets on my nerves more and more.

Sure, most relationships end--true in the straight world and the gay world. However, we're hard-pressed to see many examples of our ability to maintain a long-term relationship in the mainstream media, why do gay artists help this myth out by perpetuating it.

To be truthful, we have to show gay breakups. However, to be truthful, we have to show--at least a few times--a same-sex couple that can manage not to have a gruesome dissolution before the end of the show, movie or video. Is that so much to ask for?