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Queer music Friday - Placebo

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 20, 2009 5:00 PM | comments

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Brian Molko of alternative rock band Placebo announced a long time ago that he was bisexual, but now he regrets it. More on that after the jump.

But here's "Happy You're Gone," from their newest album.

Here's another song from their recent album, "King of Medicine."

This is their first single, "Come home." You can feel the 90's.

And Molko on how his outness took attention away from the band's music:

"I was open about my sexuality because I was filled with a great deal of musical bravado when Placebo started," he explained. "Coming out of the closet seemed to be important to me in terms of making a stand.

"Unfortunately, we became this faggy band in dresses in the eyes of the media. People started to talk about that and not the music as a by-product."

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Hmm. I may be biased (I'm a huge Placebo fan), but Molko seems more like he's commenting on the media being idiots than saying that he "regrets" being out...

Placebo are a great band and Brian Molko is a fascinating person. Would have liked them even more though if they had made more explicitly queer lyrics. That could have done some good for the acceptance of LGBT people. (Same goes for REM).

In the vein of commenting on the image instead of the music, can i just say i couldn't even pay attention to the song in the first video for all of the dirty thoughts i was having about the drummer?