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Recent Racist Italian Laundry Ads

Filed By Bil Browning | November 11, 2009 4:00 PM | comments

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Check out this 2006 television ad for the Italian laundry product Coloreria Italiana. Nothing like reinforcing the stereotype of the black man as the virile, better lover, eh?

Of course, while we're using stereotypes to hawk Coloreria Italiana, we might as well include gays too... The sequel to the last commercial is after the jump.

Check out Cracked's 8 Racist Ads You Won't Believe Are From the Last Few Years for a great roundup of other ads that'll make your jaw drop.

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No need to look to Italy, we have our own blast from the past political insiders in the LGBT community willing to throw the race bait card into the mix...

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi has on different occasions referred to Obama as the "bronzato", meaning suntanned-one. There is no PC in Italy, that's for sure.

As I understand it, the man in the last ad was not gay, just trying to turn his lady into the black female model in his magazine. That's why he is shocked by the result.

Goddammed Ite-talians. Always so stupid and racist. I don't think I've ever met a non-racist Ite-talian.

Haha, just kidding, you know I love me some Italian folk.

I have mixed feelings bout it. I mean...have you seen Black Exploitation Television? Then look at "Regular TV" Not a person of color in sight. Not even lifetime. Can't find a Black,Asian or Latino women on there unless it's Latino heritage month.

As a black man I am kinda iffy on this being offensive. Yeah the old stereotypes that all white women want black men has been an issue. You can be a co-worker but I won't introduce you to my wife or daughter in fear that you will turn into Mandingo Jones (and yes I have dated white women and men as well.) and take their family away to a life of malt liquor and spinning rims.

It's a play on words. I get it. It's a chuckle to me. Show me an intergalactic sci-fi utopia where there is usually less than 5 people of color for the entire series duration that is offensive. Actually, that's more than offensive. It's scary and disheartening.