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No rhyme or reason, just some stuff I felt like sharing...

  • Boy George twittered a link to Phil Reese's post about the Top 10 Out Gay Male Pop Stars. He protested Phil's description of him.
  • While I was mad that AirTran canceled me and Jerame's flight to NYC for the Courage Awards, the airline went out of their way to get us to the event on time. They ended up writing Delta a check for two one-way tickets. We flew back on AirTran and the plane was the nicest flight I've ever had - tons of room, free Sirius radio and wifi, and the plane didn't look like it started life in the mid-70s. I do a lot of complaining online, so I wanted to throw out a kudo.
  • We came in Top50Badgesecond place in the Top Indiana Blog contest. We lost by 17 votes.
  • Taking a pit bull, boxer, rat terrier and fox terrier to the vet's office at the same time is not an experience I really want to repeat. Ever.
  • Good advice [pdf]: Never invite a person you don't like to your party just to accommodate someone else. It'll ruin your celebration.
  • The RNC's health insurance plan covers "elective abortions." Someone tell Stupak so he'll leave the health care reform bill alone.
  • Even on a cold and gray day, the Statue of Liberty is exceptionally beautiful when the sun hits the shiny gold of the torch.
  • I'm not so sure that it is a coincidence that both Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean are attempting media comebacks at the same time. I smell a swarm of stupid a comin'.

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2nd place amongst winners still makes you a winner, I tried a last 20 minute effort to get you the votes on Twitter and Facebook... but it stalled at around 500 votes or so...

Do you really think the Creepublicans intended to vote that plan into legislation? I'm not getting into the whole abortion thing... I always keep it none of my business, it allows me to expect the same room on my thoughts, but I think minding my biz gives women the room to make their own reproductive decisions... BUT do you really think that Creepublican option was intended to be voted on or to just muddy the waters? Just sayin'