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Sarah Palin-style: Tom Tancredo goes rogue

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Sarah Palin madness is sweeping through the teabagger jet set and the latest victim appears to be Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo. Tancredo-casual.jpgAs Palin's new "autobiography" (put in scare quotes because she didn't really write it herself and memoirs are usually non-fiction) tops the bestseller charts, Tancredo has decided to imitate the former Alaska Governor's successful leadership style.

He's threatening to run for Colorado Governor not because he wants the job, but because he has to push the conservative "agenda." Oh, those anointed ones; they're so self-sacrificing until they quit. Tancredo, of course, is already willing to throw in the towel on his pseudo-gubernatorial bid if someone will throw him a bone.

Unlike Palin though, Tancredo doesn't want money, he wants power. A lot of it too.

Tancredo has floated the rumor that he's thinking of running for Colorado Governor since the current frontrunner to be the Republican candidate, Scott McInnis, is too moderate. After conservative candidate Josh Penry dropped out of the primary, Tancredo decided to stretch his far-right muscles.

The Colorado GOP is negotiating their party platform and Tancredo wants to ensure there's no straying from the "God, guns and gays" playbook. When he announced his candidacy, he said the Party was "looking for its soul, and I think it's looking in all the wrong places."

All of which is Colorado code for "Move further to the right, McInnis, or I'll undermine your campaign." Shades of McCain/Palin, anyone?

With the party platform discussions underway, Tancredo might have had a change of heart - especially if the platform comes complete with a whole host of conservative provisions like, "Appointing conservative judges to balance the court and reign in judicial activism."

"You have to understand, I don't want to run for an office in order to get the office. That's secondary. It's just that the office is where you have to be in order to advance the agenda -- and the agenda is far more important than the office."

"I'm not the kind of person who'd say, 'What do I want to be today? How about the governor?'" he continues. "I don't do that. But I do want to advance a conservative agenda, and if I can advance that agenda by getting out of this race and supporting Scott, I will. And if I can't, I know exactly what I need to do. If it means raising a bunch of money and a nasty primary, well, c'est la vie."

How's that for party loyalty? Tancredo is going rogue. He's willing to force the eventual Republican candidate into a financial hole and possibly throw the race to the Democrats just to "advance that agenda."

With friends like Tancredo and Palin, who needs Democrats?

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Sounds way more like Hoffman/Scozzafava to me. I say let him go for it. ... anyway now the new is OUT that Lou Dobbs is thinking of running.. somewhear for something..oh yeah he's from Texas.

"You have to understand, I don't want to run for an office in order to get the office."

And I don't ask you on a date because I want to go out with you.

Sounds like someone has a very fragile ego, is scared of being rejected & trying to minimize the trauma to his tiny soul.

It's ultimately self defeating - when you tell the girl (in his case) that you're not really asking HER out - you just want to effect the menu at the restaurant......she kinda looks at you funny.

I actually don't see much problem with what he's doing, other than that I completely disagree with everything he thinks. The primary is supposed to be about defining a party's goals going into an election, and Democrats would be well-advised to use the primary process to move their candidates to the left.

There are some things more important than party loyalty, even though our political system rewards that more than anything else.