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An Ancient Contemporary Mexican Christmas Eve

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Editor's Note: Jim Toevs was a member of the founding Board of Directors, and is a past President of The Pride Foundation of Seattle. In 1990, he co-founded the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, (IGLHRC) with Roman Kalinin and Julie Dorf. jim1.jpgIn 1992, Jim was the Democratic nominee for Congress against then-closeted Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, garnering 77,000 votes- which at that time was the most votes ever received by a gay non-incumbent gay person running for Congress. He resides in Hot Springs, Montana and Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

Seven years ago, my young Mexican friend, Trini, and I were returning to Alamos from Tucson just before Christmas. We crossed at Nogales about 7 PM, thinking we would get a room in Santa Ana. There was literally no room at the Inn anywhere. Several hours later we were finally able to get a room by driving to San Carlos, several miles off of the freeway near Guaymas.

The experience of that night, searching for a room, and seeing the thousands of Mexicans returning home for Christmas, inspired the following piece.

Wishing you and yours a Blessed, Joyful, and Peaceful Holiday Season!

And in those days many Mexicans traveled long distances to return to their families and the place where they were born, each to his own city.  And the highways were crowded and clogged with all manner of vehicles filled with people and presents for the Child.

Everyone was coming and there was no room at the Inn. So people slept in their cars by the side of the road. And the Virgin de Guadalupe appeared to them and said, "Find the Child!" And they arose and continued on their journey and they were looking for the Child. And they paid the tax along the highway, waiting in long lines, and all along the way they were looking for the Child.

What child is this? And where will we find Him?" the people asked. And the Virgin de Guadalupe said, "Find the Child." And they followed the South Star, always going to the South, and some of the people reached their homes in Sonora, and some in Sinaloa, Nayarit, and Jalisco, and they were all looking for the Child.

And it was cold, and the grandmothers said, "We must find the Child or He will die in the cold". Everyone was looking for the Child, but no one could find the Child. And everyone was tired, and some of the people became irritated and angry about this Child business, and the Virgin de Guadalupe said, "Find the Child".

"Where?" The people cried! "Where is this Child?" "We have looked everywhere from Tijuana and Nogales to Hermosillo and Los Mochis. Where is this child?"

And in the ancient town of Alamos a boy named Jose' was thinking, "I am a child. Maybe the Virgin is talking about me." Then he looked at his little sister and said, "Lupita, you are a child, too. Maybe the Virgin is talking about you." At that moment, the boy's mother and father and grandmother and grandfather came into his room to tell him goodnight. He looked at them and thought, "These old ones were once children, too."

And after he fell asleep, the Virgin de Guadalupe appeared to Jose' in a dream and said, "Hola, my Child." And Jose cried out, "Oh Holy Mother! Am I the Child?" And the Virgin de Guadalupe said, "Yes, my son. You have found the Child.. Blessings be unto you. Tell the people that every person was a child, and is the Child. Tell the people to love the Child and care for the Child, and protect the Child from all harm and the cold "

And Jose' awoke and ran throughout the house telling the good news to all of his family, "I have found the Child! I have found the Child! "We are the Child!"

And the news spread like wildfire all through the countryside, to every village and pueblo and town. And along the highways and the ranchos and the cities and people received the news: "I am the Child! I love my Child!"

And the Virgin de Guadalupe said, "Amen"

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Thanks for sharing this story, Jim. It makes a point that can apply to everybody on this holiday, no matter what their belief political point of view is.

Jim, have you ever read any of Daniel Quinn's books? This story reminds me of the Story of B. (If you haven't read them, start with Ishmael and then move on to B. I highly recommend them.)

Thanks, Bil. I will definitely follow up, read, and get back to you.

Happy New Year!

Perfect! Thanks, Jim for a great reminder of humanity and humility....

Thanks, Jim. Twenty years of psychotherapy and mucho bucks later, I came to the same realization.