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Canadian Christmas Card

Filed By Alex Blaze | December 21, 2009 6:00 PM | comments

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This member of Parliament, who's openly gay, caused quite a stir with his Christmas card. It's kinda Brokeback, but I can't think of a more tasteful way to do it. Go him.


Update: Scott Brison responds:

"I've had so many positive e-mails, calls over the last few days from across Canada and around the world,"

"Everybody is saying the same thing: It's just a Christmas card. It should not create controversy.'"

There ya go.

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Cool. Only in Canada. I'd be curious what the stir was about.

The burning question for me: How did they get the dog to sit still?!?! And be so cute?

Oh, ha! That IS funny! So, just a hyped-up story about a comment thread on a slow news day? I knew the Canadians were better than that!

Just proves my points about the sheer irrelevance of comment threads :-)

Said hype by Canadian news outlets, that is. Which, like so many others desperate to make eyes turn to them, are now engaging in "dog bites man" stories, it seems.

The dog, I repeat, is adorable. Clearly has its eyes on a treat being dangled by the photographer.

Irrelevant comment threads? ... Well, I, for one, do my best not to contribute to an online environment like that ...

Updated with one of those links for the people who don't click after the jump. Thanks!

The "stir" was completely about the homophobic comments on web sites. In other words, there never was any controversy, just certain news outlets looking for headlines. Most of Canada thinks Scott Brison's card is just fine.

By the way, the background might look "Brokeback," but that's actually Nova Scotia, where Brison's riding (district) is.

Yes, I was going to mention that the card looks more "L.L.Bean" than it does "Brokeback" ...

Irrelevant historical note: Although we are obviously left to assume that Brokeback Mountain took place in a western state such as Colorado or Wyoming (Jack Twist is said to be driving back and forth from Texas), Ang Lee actually shot the mountain scenes in BBM on location in Canada. I think I read it was somewhere in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. So, Alex, it can be "Brokeback" and Canadian, both.

Much of it was filmed in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, in fact. The author of the story it was based on is also Canadian.

You'd be hard pressed to find a mountain in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. :)

Xavier Deron | December 21, 2009 8:51 PM

Did "this member of parliament" have a name?
Oh, I see someone added it in comments. Thanks!

Srsly. "Who, what, when, where and how"

Just a thought, hon. Just a thought.

Haha, Xavier. You almost got me to care about one of your comments!

Happy holidays!

the cbc said bigots didn't like his card--and i understood the bigotry, him being from nova scotia and all...but then i found out it was gay bigotry, not nova scotian bigotry, which was a bit more surprising.

When I first saw the card, I scrutinized it to see what could possibly be offense. The two men aren't even touching!

I would think the haters would be happy that he called it Christmas card, rather than a Holiday card. Or are gays not allowed to celebrate Christmas?

Lynn, it is all the leather the two men are wearing that makes this card obviously gay and so offensive.

That, and if you look very closely, the man on the left has his toe up the dog's ass. (Yasmin, that's how they got the dog to sit still.)

AHA! Man-dog erotics! The gays cannot be trusted even with their pets, OMG!

And here I was naively imagining little doggy treats or, since they seem to be somewhere wild-ish, a dead field mouse...