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Christmas with the in-laws

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Arthur didn't send in any information about himself other than he lives in Columbus, Ohio. We wish Arthur a merry Christmas - with his partner and in-laws.

Picture%20007.jpgThis with be the 24th year I have spent Christmas with the in-laws. The first year, I didn't expect much from the huge mound of presents under the tree, they did not know me well. The second year, as my partner was showered with multiple expensive gifts, I received an ill-fitting 80's 100% acrylic sweater. I was not happy, I had tried so hard to find the perfect gift for his parents. I thought, "What do I have to do to get accepted? Is it a gay thing?"

The third year when it came time to exchange gifts, I paid attention to the gifts my partner's sister-in-laws received. The gifts were just as bad as mine. Without knowing it, I had been treated just like the other in-laws. I was a member of the family! Now I don't care about the present, I know they would be very upset if I didn't come.

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Thanks for the Christmas chuckle, Arther! Context may not be everything, but looking around to see how things fit together can sometimes bring surprises (and sometimes even good surprises.)

The same thing happened to me. I got the most crappy gifts imaginable (always something Simpsons like I collected them or something). Finally after about 3 years, I said something to Jerame about how crazy it was that I always got some stupid Simpsons item.

He looked at me and said, "She asked me what you liked. I said the Simpsons. So she's picked out something Simpsons each time since she thinks you like it so much."