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Countdown to Meltdown

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Now I am having a total and complete meltdown. Little over than a week till Christmas and then we leave for a long vacation.

I cannot find my reservations.

I have spent the last couple of days trying to find nice, fun little things for kids stockings. I have come up empty. I'm lost.

Jeanine slipped on the ice the other morning and hurt her back horribly. She's been unable to walk for two days. Two days of no work for Jeanine makes her beyond miserable.

I have people who want me to actually concentrate and DO THINGS. PEOPLE! I CANNOT FIND MY RESERVATIONS!

Or stocking stuffers.

Or get the cousins gifts.

Or pay all the bills before I leave.

I'm frozen with panic right now. Must go fold laundry... must. I'll wait until Jeanine wakes up from her drug induced doze and ask nicely for her to figure out all the mess I've made online. She never panics.

I hope.

She will be annoyed, however, as she asked me for once, to take care of reservations. Always her job. Why? Because she can keep track of it all. I can keep track of how long before the roast is done, when to start the broccoli steaming, and... um... that's about it.

Zachary asked me this morning if I was excited about Christmas. I smiled. Or was it a grimace? Of course! I lied my ass off.

He kept asking every five minutes so I'm guessing he didn't buy my answer.

You know there are only seven more days until OUR Christmas, he reminded me. We leave on Christmas day.

I know, I know! Very exciting.

I have a built in countdown clock, every morning. Countdown to meltdown. I think there is only about 35 minutes and 15 seconds left on that clock.

Fold laundry, take shower- no, I haven't done that yet today- calm down. It'll all work out. No one will cry.

34 minutes and 10 seconds...

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Chill out and turn the clock back a bit. Have a nice Holiday.