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Disturbing: Pelosi & Reid burnt in effigy by schoolchildren

Filed By Bil Browning | December 20, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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This video is so damned disturbing that I couldn't watch it all the way through. Randall Terry of Operation Rescue infamy, has started a new television show called "Insurrecta Nex." Pelosi-Reid-burn-effigy.jpgThey recently had a health care reform video contest called "Burn In Hell" and the winners have been announced.

They encouraged their followers to film themselves burning Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid in effigy. The winning video was made by schoolchildren.

In a press release e-mailed to Bilerico Project, Terry proclaims: (emphasis mine)

"We did this video competition half in jest, half in reality. As a Catholic Christian, I own the fact that Pelosi and Reid really will go to hell if they die unrepentant with the blood of millions of babies on their hands. And if they succeed in forcing us to pay for murder...well...there might be an extra crispy spot waiting for them for that crime.

"But on the humorous and political side, it was good clean fun to see people revive the time honored practice of burning people in effigy. These two really are tyrants, and the sooner pro-lifers and patriots stop bowing their knee to the idol of 'polite dialogue' with the enemies of Life and Liberty, the sooner we will rid ourselves of these villains, and restore this nation to true Justice."

Video of the top 3 after the jump. While the "winning" video by the pre-teens is so wildly hideous, the 2nd and 3rd place winners are more than unsettling. Seriously. Think about whether or not you want to watch this; it's disturbing.

The guy who wins third place is so blindingly "normal" looking that he could almost model as a Flintstone's character. His weird repetition of "Nancy" is unnerving. And what's with dragging his teenaged son into the video with him in the middle? Fundie Jr. doesn't look as enthusiastic about making extremist political statements on camera over the health care debate and abortion.

Second place went to some kids from Indiana. I keep telling everyone that Indiana is the middle finger of the south, but I'm never sure if they truly understand the amount of religious wingnuts, racists, and slack-jawed troglodytes you can find in the average Hoosier town.

Can you imagine a childhood where your idea of fun with your family was to make home movies complete with masked demons, the fires of hell, burning images of politicians, and wild dances about public support for health care reform? The cast, led by a holyrolling Hoosier hipster, dances around the burning picture like it's a Maypole with a cornfield in the background.

I won't even begin to talk about the pre-teen puppet show featuring fetus baby dolls and politicians on a stick that won first "prize." Words fail me.

I'm telling you. It doesn't get much more fucked up than this. You've been warned.

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Apparently, Terry is not aware that burning people in effigy is a ritual practice of magic -- sympathetic magic, in fact.

Good clean fun, as well is often what people call things like cow tipping or mailbox baseball or, dare I say it?

Beating up on those queer folks...

What is this supposed to be, a kinder gentler Operation Rescue? I guess they don't gun down their enemies anymore with high-powered rifles. They just get their kids to burn them in effigy. Sorry...I am not intimidated by a such a stupid and amateurish YouTube video. I'm bored to tears by it.

These videos made me abort my lunch...

and that made my skin crawl................

Hi there. This sure is demented stuff.
Since men don't get pregnant and we currently live in a patriarchy- the control of womens' bodies is a never- ending battle.
Never mind that the planet is already over populated. Never mind that women should ALWAYS have the right to choose what they wish to do with their own bodies and lives. If you don't like abortions- don't have any. Keep your laws off my body !

Burning people in effigy is "good, clean fun", and a "time honored tradition"??? You know, it's been a long time since my Catholic upbringing but if this is what's become of Christianity since I became atheist, then I'm even happier that I lost religion than I was previously.

What goes around, comes around --- hopefully videos will begin appearing on youTube showing the burning of Randall Terry in effigy.

After all, it's all just good, clean, non-violent fun, right?

Nasty, just nasty business. It is sad that people like this are given a forum in which to entreat others to embrace their hate.

Although I don't agree with this....and it is disturbing. This is no different then the looneys on the left burning Bush and hanging it?? Where was the disturbance then???

I don't remember a case of anybody in the United States burning Bush in effigy. I could be wrong but that's a pretty strong accusation to make without citation.

And if they did, I doubt they claimed approval by a mystical bearded sky-person.

As a property owning woman with a profession and who is a Pagan, I find Catholics joking about burning people in very poor taste given their history of doing just that to property owning women, or women professionals such a midwives, or Pagan women.

It would be equally poor taste for me to joke about giving Dr Ratzinger the "St Peter experience" by crucifying him upside down in sight of the monolith in St Peter's Square.

Angela Brightfeather | December 21, 2009 2:40 PM

I sincerely hope that in my travels about this good earth, that I never run into that bearded, cherubic looking fool with a lousy haircut and goofy ideas about what is right or wrong.

I'm afraid I would have to walk up to him and plaster him in that silly grin and when he is getting up of the ground, tell him to stop using children to make a point and why not try manipulating the big kids for once.

Pre-teens burning an effigy, and yet it's the Obama song at a public school that gets called "indoctrination". Yeah, that makes sense.

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