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Either this is the best joke ever, or we've got ourselves a nut!

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Hi-Caliber rapped on camera for progressive blogger Max Blumenthal at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference. You know. CPAC. The one being sponsored this year by GOProud but not letting them say anything. That conference.

The former New Jersey construction worker told Blumenthal that he was converted to Conservatism when his radio broke in his car and became stuck on's best friend, Michael Savage. I think I'd go crazy too if all I was able to listen to was Savage Nation. Henceforth, Hi-Caliber--Mr. Conservative--has set out to be the first conservative rap star.

His first music video was filmed at this spring's "teabagger" march on Washington. Check out the diversity! They actually found one non-white person and got so excited they showed him twice! Once from the front and once from the side, to make you think that it wasn't just a sea of crazy caucasians. The earbuds sort of give it away though.

Check out the video after the jump.

The best parts of the video are Hi-Caliber's shout-outs. "I have a new hero, his name's Joe Wilson," his prayer, "Every night I pray to God that he saves me, and give us a leader like we had in the eighties," referencing conservative favorite, Ronald Reagan, and the last three shout outs, which truly made me pee my pants, "Big shout out to everyone at Freedom Works--Brendan Steinhauser, I see you man. And a big shout out to everyone at the 9/12 Project. And a crazy big Shout out to the Conservative warrior princess, Monica Crowley."


Here's the video that will have made you spit all of your coffee out about five minutes from now.

God Bless America.

P.S. Here's a little bonus for you.

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This guy is such an asshat. I love the big bad white rapper in the teabag video that has one black guy in it - but footage of him used repeatedly like he counts more than once.

Man, what a tool. And he is not just ideologically unsound, but is rythmically challenged as well - he raps too slow so he lags behind the beat just to make my ears bleed even worse.

Arse-hat is right! :-)

Please stop giving these nut cases more publicity as it only encourages them...