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First gay couple in Martha Stewart Weddings

Filed By Bil Browning | December 21, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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Good As You blogger Jeremy Hooper and his partner, Andrew Shulman, have become the first gay couple featured in Martha Stewart Weddings. The magazine is on sale now. The happy couple were married in Connecticut earlier this year.

Congratulations to the adorable duo. It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony.

Copy of the page featuring them after the jump.


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Masel tov to everyone concerned! [The joy on Jeremy's Mother's face in their wedding photo gallery as she helps walk him down the aisle is WONDROUS! And, did you hear about the "F-U Lieberman banner they had fly overhead?!!!]] Such willingness to witness to the world is another big brick out of the wall and I appreciate all Jeremy does to prove we're "Good As You."

San Francisco remains short of Paradise, but one of the good things is that spreads like this [as in presentation of the event naturally without explicit sociopolitical comment] have been appearing in the "San Francisco Chronicle" for years.

And they've grown from same gender wedding coverage like this to mixing such couples with nongay ones in "How They Met" and "Beautiful Home Interiors" features. See an absolutely sublime example in the recent Chron photo at the link below whose caption simply read:

"A crowd estimated by the San Francisco Park Trust at 17,000 gathers in Golden Gate Park, above, on Sunday afternoon to hear the San Francisco Opera under new music director Nicola Luisotti."

As LT. Dan Choi says in his speeches, and the late great Michael Callen sings at this link: "It's our right to love we're fighting for."


Please remember all our troops at this holiday season but especially those who must serve in silence.

This is what it's all about - the simple celebration of two people in love, despite their gender.

Thank you for sharing this, Bil.

Thanks also to Jeremy Hooper and Andrew Shulman. They have to know what the nationwide reaction is going to be, yet they are confident in both their love, and in their own identities, that no matter the flack, they'll simply get through it.

My congratulations to the newlyweds.

Regan DuCasse | December 22, 2009 1:31 PM

Wait a minute! I thought that the page was cut to fit into the blog page, but if the b/w picture that has their FULL faces was obscured in the magazine issue, I don't think that's such a flattering representation after all.
It's as if the magazine isn't fully on board with showing the couple's faces and is taking credit for having them in the magazine, even if LIMITED in ways a straight couple wouldn't be.

Maybe we should rethink this. I love Andrew and Jeremy and they are handsome photogenic young men.
Having their heads cut off at the neck in that picture is saying a lot without giving the full import of why their pictures were edited like that.

I have questions for the magazine. I think we ALL do.

Hi Reagan!

As the photographer of Jeremy and Andrew's wedding, I'd love for you to know that the photo was definitely not edited by the editors to crop their faces. It was a decision that, I as the photographer made to show the image of two "suits" together! The magazine DID choose some shots of the guys WITH their faces included, but this was the best shot that included their dog (also in a suit) and fit within the layout. Maybe the focus should be that not only did MSWM print a gay wedding, but they printed a photo of two men KISSING, AND surrounded by their family. That's AWESOME!

This makes me so happy! I'm going to have to buy a copy.