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HRC's 2009 Board Memo on LGBT Progress

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HRC released Joe Solmonese's memo to board members about the progress of LGBT rights in 2009 [pdf]. It's a thorough listing, but I can't help but think that the first thing that stood out to me was, well, nothing. It's mind-numbingly boring.

While the report hints at the beginning that you'll see some outline of the group's priorities and where the movement should focus in 2010, it wasn't highlight, a subsection, or even it's own bullet point. Instead, the whole report reminded me of a "What I did on gay vacation" paper.

I'm not trying to be critical, I'm just left underwhelmed. Rather like Obama's year in office too.

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I'll skip seriously commenting on this because I have a hard time taking anything the HRC outs out as being representative of their efforts seriously in a positive way.

HRC... are they still around? They could of been a contender but just became another washed out bum tending bar somewhere.
The goal of the people at HRC seems to be clear to me. Keep themselves gainfully employed, so please send your dollars so they can make payroll.

HRC = Homosexual Retail Chain.

Old sticker on one of my bookshelves.

And this is a favourite of mine:

HRC = Hindering Revolutionary Change.

beachcomberT | December 18, 2009 7:15 AM

I assume the memo's purpose was to win a renewal of his contract, a pay raise or a year-end bonus. Sorry, my vote is no.

In agreement with all of the previous postings.

So are we jaded or realists? None of us seem to have anything nice to say about HRC.

Just bitter, broken records never saying anything positive, helpful or good. Raging against the wind, and shouting down anyone who disagrees with you...

Bitter? Possibly.

Broken? Not at all.

Records? Well, if I'm going to be, then definitely pink vinyl. The problem here, though, is the record of the organization, which has been dismal at best, for some of the people it purports to represent.

I'm willing to give them an opportunity to change that, and there are signs they are trying. But they have a great many mistakes to correct, and an overall pattern of constant difficulty with this.

None of which would be there if they had been keeping the full range of their purported peoples.

Never saying anything positive? Incorrect. I say positive things all the time -- indeed, I get crap for being "too positive".

Helpful? Depends on what one's motivations in determining if something is helpful or not are.

Good? Morality call -- what is good to me may not be good to you.

Raging against the wind? No. Raging against the Mattachine, yes.

Shouting down anyone who disagrees with me? No. I rarely shout, except as a warning to someone about to be hurt.

Metaphorically speaking, I do not shout down people. I debate them. And I am, indeed, tenacious, and I do indeed have temerity and arrogance and pride. I don't need to shout them down.

I just need to not surrender in the name of their comfort or ease.

"Never saying anything positive? Incorrect. I say positive things all the time -- indeed, I get crap for being "too positive"."

You haven't changed your name to "Pollyanna," so I don't think there's a fear of you approaching the "too positive" range just yet.

At the end of this year, HRC will have spent more than $550 million of "our" money in three decades. It is fair to ask what we've gotten for that investment. It is fair to ask if HRC is necessary or whether our resources can be better spent on other initiatives.

Accountability is severely lacking in the LGBT Community. Not only of HRC, but of all our ideas, tactics and strategies. Hopefully, in 2010, we will examine our dysfunctional "movement," and honestly and objectively look for real answers. We need to figure out HOW we can actually win our equality. I'm not sure HRC has a role in that endeavor.

An objective analysis of HRC and other LGBT organizations is appropriate and necessary.