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Neil Patrick Harris: My new goal

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I can't say why yet, but I'll be in NPH-neil-patrick-harris-michael-phelps.jpgLos Angeles in late March. Hopefully, dreamboat Neil Patrick Harris will be there too since he doesn't stop by Indianapolis often ever.

Even though Neil missed my birthday party and didn't even send a gift, and even though Neil hasn't made a video for Bilerico Project like Glee star Corey Monteith did, and even though he's not sent me love notes or flowers, I'd still be willing to spend some quality face time with America's sexiest actor.

It has become my new goal to meet Neil Patrick Harris; that is my New Year's resolution. After all, what good is being a semi-sorta-maybe-recognized blogger if I can't put my minions to work for me? Projectors, we have to find a way to make this happen. Any ideas?

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Aaron Schaler | December 29, 2009 11:15 AM

Yeah, try calling his agent, probably get a better reception than stalking him.

You could dress as a limo driver and kidnap him, Jack MacFarlane style. You could dress as a little 8 year old girl and ask for his autograph, then "surprise! Its me! LGBT news blogger Bil Browning!" You could get Kate Clinton to introduce you. You could mail yourself to his house and when he opens the box, you could pop out and say "SOOPRISE, SOOPRISE!"

I think the idea about dressing up like an 8 year old girl is my favorite so far, Phil. Thanks for that. :)

I hear he hangs out at Magic Castle... and that same source told me she saw him at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley... Happy hunting! :)

Rebecca is correct, he even did a Top Chef episode guest spot at the Castle

I'm not big on Hollywood gossip, but ... Oh, it's gossip time!

Bil, are you familiar with the cult trivia game, "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" [] --- anyway, you are indirectly asking us to play "X Degrees From Bil Browning to Neil Patrick Harris" and I don't think it will be that difficult.

I know a commenter here at Bilerico that I will refer to as Mr. X.

Mr. X is good friends with Chip Ardnt, who with his ex Reichen Lehmkuhl was the famous gay couple who won The Amazing Race several years back. After they broke up, Reichen dated Lance Bass for a while. And I'm sure Lance Bass is in touch somehow with Neil Patrick Harris.

There you have it: Bil Browning to NPH in five jumps.

Your problem, Bil, is that the mysterious Mr. X has become rather estranged from the Bilerico family, for reasons I will not outline. Figure out who Mr. X is, and make amends, and maybe that chain of connections might "bare some fruit" ... tee hee, tee hee ...

Bil, I'm just trying to be helpful ...

Hint: Who is Mr. X? ... You were within six feet of him at the DC march in October, but you and he didn't say Hi to each other ...

Alternatively: Ask a certain US Representative from Indianapolis (he posted here recently) to put you in touch with a particular African-American media personality, who also hails from Indiana, who has a show on PBS on which he interviewed NPH.

This is a loooonnngggg shot, so Good Luck on tossing a 3-pointer!

P.S. Check out the pix that come up when you google Chip Ardnt ... and you might forget about Neil Patrick Harris.

You could tweet at him at @actuallyNPH. Or even ask bilerico project readers to tweet at him with a link to this entry.

What do you suggest for the tweet we ask people to send? I've tweeted him a link to this already and it got retweeted a few times, but nothing major.

I'm down with a Twitter campaign, but what should we say?

When I tweeted I tweeted from this site & added @actuallyNPH to the end. Perhaps if he/or his official tweeter see him mentioned enough in association with this entry it might get his attention. Being more witty than that may get his attention sooner.

I'd like to meet Brett Chukerman in person but that probably will never happen... but then again one can dream can't he?

Bil, I am two degrees from NPH (I know a famous actor who was in a movie with NPH--you could probably guess who), but the connection is thin. And as I e-mailed to you, I am working on alternative ways of meeting NPH.

But why not arrange a Bilerico interview with NPH through his publicist? That's actually a legitimate avenue, being that Bilerico is one of the highest trafficked gay sites on the Internet.

That's actually a legitimate avenue, being that Bilerico is one of the highest trafficked gay sites on the Internet.

Can you just tell everyone that I didn't pay you to say that? :)

It's true, and I was not paid to say it! I mean, I'm not one to pull focus away from my own personal blog, but when something is true I have to admit it. :)

White, young, male, cisman, ablebodied, rich, hairless and fit, sterotypical western ideal of priviledged youth. Wow. for a blog about LGBTQI, your sexual interests are totally reactionary. You need to expand your sexual focus to a greater inclusiveness of people. Are you saying that trans people and gender variant and people of colour and disabled and genitally specific and old or differently bodied peoples are not sexual to you? You need to look closely at your privileged sexual desire frames and try to work on some serious issues.