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Jesus shoots Santa

Filed By Joe Mirabella | December 20, 2009 7:30 AM | comments

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Tags: Christmas stories, guns, Santa Claus

...and the neighbors hate it. What do you think? Is this art, fundamental insanity, or just hilarious? Because seriously, nothing says Christmas like Jesus holding a gun. Now does it?

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Who would Jesus Shoot in the face? Can't you feel the love?

If it were a leprechaun shooting a unicorn, would people be making the same fuss? To me, it's the same diff. Two mythical figures.

More to the point, should the kids on the school bus be exposed to a message that says violence is a solution if you don't approve of someone's behaviour? Or that religious-based violence is justified?

I wonder if he's playing with the muscular Christ meme that's popular in some Christian circles, the red-blooded badass Christ the warrior who kicks Satan's butt.

My question is, how nuts would the right wing go if the display were reversed - Santa shooting Jesus with a shotgun? It's a goose/gander thing.

I would think that real Christians (whatever that means) would be offended at the depiction of Jesus as a vengeful, cold-blooded killer, unless I'm missing something about his teachings/beliefs.

And why the hell did they have to drag poor Rudolph into this?