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Katy Perry offends LGBT people in a bout of twitterrhea

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Singer Katy Perry, who is no stranger to controversy with both the religious right and the LGBT community, is at it again. Now, instead of crooning about promiscuous lesbian fantasies or insulting an ex-boyfriend by insinuating he's gay, she seems to be picking on the gender non-conforming among us.

The folks at GLAAD caught wind of the offending tweet and grabbed a screenshot and then posted it on their blog.
katyperrytweet.jpgThe Tweet was from December 6 and reads: " - NSFW! I knew those little white last week of the birth control pills would still have an effect on your body! FU." (I'm just guessing here, but does FU mean "fucked up"?)

The link goes to a TwitPic photo (since removed by Perry) of a nude person who seems to present as male - has a beard, a hint of a mustache, a hairy chest and hairy shoulders - but also appears to have breasts and is wearing knee high rainbow stockings.

My thoughts and an archive of the image after the jump.

Is it transphobia though? I'd probably say it's more about what underlies a lot of transphobia - fear of those who don't conform to gender norms. It's more generic than transphobia, I think, because it seems Perry has a problem with gender non-conformity of all kinds (unless it's her fantasy of kissing a girl, natch.)

An interview with Perry by Zack at The New Gay seems to show she has a rather flat view of sexuality in general. She seems to brush off the controversy around her song, "UR So Gay (and You Don't Even Like Boys)" and doesn't understand how perpetuating stereotypes is, itself, harmful to LGBT issues.

Also, the joke itself doesn't exactly make sense to me. If Perry perceives a "man with breasts," why is a man taking birth control pills anyway? If she perceives a "woman with a beard and a hair chest," how does estrogen cause facial and body hair?

What is clear to me, however, is that no matter which of these constructions Perry sees in her mind, she thinks it's fucked up and that all of Twitter should know it. Either way, it's gender non-conformity that she's mocking. That, in my opinion, is far more fucked up than the image in that photo.

Here's an archive of the photo - click to view. [NSFW]

What do you think? We don't know how the person identifies, so is it transphobia or something more like gender bias? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Katy so desperately wanted to be a gay icon, but failed. I think its sheer ignorance, but for someone who very blatantly courted an LGBT fan base, there's no excuse for not knowing what's wrong and what's right--what's black and what's white.. ok, couldn't resist.

I appreciate allies, but I've never appreciated being treated like a sheep, and Katy offended me when her game plan became clear--she and her producers were trying to manufacture a gay icon. Sorry, honey, it doesn't work that way. Either you're a Judy, a Dolly, a Tina, a Cher or a Madonna; or you're not.

Gee, this all puts me in mind of President Obama--pursues the Gay Family and wants our support, but doesn't really do much for us...

As far as the pic goes, for me, Katy is just showing pure lack of experience with and real interest in the huge number of ways that ppl express their identity. She sees some things juxtaposed that aren't really seen together very often, except in the context of making ppl laugh (such as the birthday cards with some macho-looking guy wearing booty shorts, or an older woman in pearls getting drunk, or more likely, ogling male strippers), and she thinks it's funny.

I look at this pic and just see someone who is expressing themself, and seems pretty happy with how they look (unless I am misreading the little smile, and that it is in the person's room--maybe it is a made-up pic, I don't know, just that it doesn't seem particularly strange to me). Most of the general public just doesn't know about the huge diversity of expression out there, and either doesn't care, or just rejects it out-of-hand. To me, this really fits in with all the discussions of tolerance and acceptance of diversity of expression with the Gay Family and in the majority straight society (as I guess Jerame intended?).


Man what

"Courted a gay fanbase"? Not around here.

Has it come to this?
People are following Twitter posts of third rate entertainers looking for offending messages? I am not the least bit offended and really could care less what Kate Perry is twitting. Let people exercise their First Amendment rights to be silly, stupid, and make bad jokes.

I think that you are correct with it being symptomatic of the broader issue of phobia about anything not seen as 'conforming'which is going to catch most of us.
What I like about Twitter is that it allows people who are famous to open their mouths without filtering it through their handlers. The we find out just how they are without press agents and spokespeople speaking for them or speech writers preparing their statements.

AND to preempt all y'all who are about to nit pick my gay icon litany with "what about"s, I'm going on the record saying 'NO' Donna Summer and 'NO' Bette Midler (I had used stronger language but decided to stay classy). They're not gay icons. I've still not forgiven them for the horrible things they said about the gay community in the past, and I may never. NO AIDS/HIV activist should EVER show Donna any love. Marriage activists should buy Britney or Miley before Bette. And I don't care if she suddenly later had a change of heart. She blew it. Britney, Miley and Cyndi never blew it. Just saying.

You're not a gay icon if you don't appreciate and love your truest fans. And you DEFINITELY DON'T SAY what Donna said. We made them. But when they turned their backs on us, they lost ALL of my respect.

That said, I know someone's going to call me out on Cher now, ad to that ill just say, she should have treated Chastity better when she was coming out, but she never abandoned her, never turned her back on her gay fans, and has been publicly very wonderful about Chaz's transition. But, yes, she wasn't the world's most supportive mother at first.. at least according to tabloid TV.

"NO AIDS/HIV activist should EVER show Donna any love."

Wow, that's a blast from the past. And long discredited as well.

yes, it is. NO true fan of Donna Summer (you know, those who actually enjoy her music and believe in her efforts as a performer -- not somebody who just buys her records because they feel they "have to") would keep repeating unsubstantiated rumour as "fact" for twenty-five years.

Also, his comments about Bette Midler and same-=sex marriage have been blown WAY out of proportion:

Good to see that GBLT persons are just like everybody else -- many cisgender heterosexuals would rather read the headlines than the complete article, as well!

yes, it is. NO true fan of Donna Summer (you know, those who actually enjoy her music and believe in her efforts as a performer -- not somebody who just buys her records because they feel they "have to") would keep repeating unsubstantiated rumour as "fact" for twenty-five years.

Also, his comments about Bette Midler and same-sex marriage have been blown WAY out of proportion:

Good to see that GBLT persons are just like everybody else -- many cisgender heterosexuals would rather read the headlines than the complete article, as well!

Yeah, guess I'm not a true fan, then. I hadn't read anything about it being discredited all these years.

As for Bette, though, I guess her initial statement we ought not be able to marry wouldn't be a big deal to folk who are vehemently against marriage--of which there are many, and I respect that--but my feeling is, even if it wasn't some more crucial right she was against, my feelings are that we are the loyal fans that took her from some desperate, broke cabaret act to mega superstar and movie actress, how DARE she publicly state anything but full support for our full inclusion under all the laws as first class US citizens.

Its not the marriage issue, its the sheer disrespect, and that icky feeling that our community had been hoodwinked.. again.

I think we're going to see a number of artist trying to manufacture "gay icon" status while simultaneously not associating with the population their image attempts to serve. There's a sort of "best of both worlds" issue here: if they become a gay icon, they gain the ire of social conservatives, thus negatively affecting sales.

Katy Perry's in-song gay hat-tips, to the general public, ring in kitschy tones. When it's just cute humor, that's okay. Gay people are good for a laugh. It makes me wonder, however, if marketers don't see LGB as a pack of slavering dogs, ready to lap up any table-scrap of a gay reference with our greedy, martini-sipping pink dollars.

(And yes, I leave the T out on purpose. We're not even large enough to be a marketing demogrpahic.)

"Gay people are good for a laugh. It makes me wonder, however, if marketers don't see LGB as a pack of slavering dogs, ready to lap up any table-scrap of a gay reference with our greedy, martini-sipping pink dollars."

Since you are a self-identified heterosexual woman, how is it that you are an expert on gay people and their sense of humor? And why do you use the term "our" when referring to LGB dollars?

Nicely played, ma'am. :D

Semantics and possessive pronouns aside, do you think I'm hitting the mark about marketers and the grab for pink dollars?

Funny, Madonna became a millionaire and a "living legend" while maintaining "gay icon" status. Your claim that being a "gay icon" will negatively affect sales is completely false; if anything, having a strong and loyal GBLT fan base is essentially what has catapulted many performers to legendary status. We're statistically the most loyal fans a performer can have -- well, right after or tied with metal-heads, anyway.

the inherent insult in her "tweet" is towards people whose primary or secondary sex characteristics don't match [cissexist] expectations.

that's definitely, absolutely, unquestionably transphobia. it's the same force behind why a woman was once left to die by EMTs who were supposed to treat her after a car wreck. they saw her penis... they laughed... she died.

how does anyone benefit by denying that this twitter thing is also transphobia?

I had a different take on seems obvious that it *is* transism, but it seemed to me that Jerame was casting it as an insult to the 'GLBT' Family to *be* inclusive, rather than divisive? Essentially saying that "this isn't 'just' a Trans issue, if you insult trans-identified ppl, then it is an issue for the whole GLBT Family"?

Just my impression, sorry if I missed something!

Carol :)

Yeah, I think you got it about right. I was pointing to her overall pattern of mocking anyone who isn't gender conforming. That's why I referenced the UR So Gay Song as well as her lesbian fantasies, which she admits in the interview I linked that she's never actually acted upon.

In other words, she can sing about lesbian fantasies, make fun of her ex-boyfriend because he behaves "gayly" even though she knows he's straight (thereby making gay an insult against her boyfriend) and now she's tweeting nude pics of what appears to be a transman and mocking him.

That goes above just transphobia - she clearly expects binary and clearly defined gender roles and will mock those who don't conform.

What do you call it? Gender-non-conformo-phobia?

Want to help her get the message that tweeting a NSFW pic of a transman to mock him isn't cool?

Tweet: [email protected] Ridiculing a photo of a #transgender person is never OK. Pls educate yourself. (Pls RT!)

"[email protected] Ridiculing a photo of a #transgender person is never OK. Pls educate yourself. (Pls RT!)"

Um... Bil, I agree it's not really cool to mock us for being trans, but to never make fun of a photo? Surely I'm not made of glass, and I can be criticized, or I guess, lauded, if I have a ridiculous sense of timing, style, you know, all the things we can make fun of photos of straight people for. I imagine that's what you meant, but it does deserve clarification. I don't want to be the isolated one who has to be defended from being the object of humour or tangentially related to it.

That said, I didn't think it was possible to find a more incomprehensible or more offensive to human dignity celebrity tweet than Aston Kutcher's reaction to Brittany Murphy's death. (Seriously, if someone's died, don't use 2 instead of too.)

What's the point in saying this is "more generic than transphobia"? Most prejudices are alike in that they have their root in fear/hatred of those who in some ways don't conform to a cis/straight/white/male/upper-class/non-disabled (and so on) "ideal." Each prejudice and combination of prejudices still has its own unique characteristics that are important to recognize.

She mocked someone's body because she decided their combination of secondary sex characteristics didn't belong together--aka because she perceived them as trans. If that's not textbook transphobia, I don't know what is. You erase the very real dangers of having a trans body in a transphobic society when you say the real cause is something else. "Fear of those who don't conform to gender norms" is just another definition of transphobia.

I disagree - I was trying to make a broader statement. See my comment above in orange in reply to a similar comment.

Also, I think if I'd have come out clearly identifying this person as a transman and calling this transphobia, I'd have had someone breathing down my neck saying I'm making a snap judgement based on the person's appearance.

We really don't know this person's actual gender identity. We don't know if they are trans. We DO know Katy Perry doesn't like what she sees and the pattern I see in Perry is more about rigid gender roles and doesn't necessarily apply to just trans folk.

Calling out the underlying causes is just as crucial as naming the phobia. Underlying all of Perry's problems seem to me to be the strict Christian (both parents are pastors) upbringing that defined very rigid and old-fashioned binary gender roles.

There are a lot more things that go into transphobia than just a fear of the gender non-conforming. I don't want to make a laundry list of things that feed transphobia, but it isn't just gender bending that people have an issue with. Pointing out those underlying biases will go much farther toward fixing the problem than just calling someone a transphobe and moving on.

I must say I stumbled over the "broader then transphobia" statement also. I take on faith that you weren't implying it but it really reads as Transphobia

Let me try again since my comment was tuncated. I must say I stumbled over the "broader then transphobia" statement also. I take on faith that you weren't implying it but it really reads as Transphobia

Comment truncated a second time. How frustrating!

One last attemp without the predicate. Transphobia has nothing to do with how people view themselves but how other people view them.

While I agree, I don't see how that applies to my argument. While Perry's comment can be construed to be pointedly transphobic, she could believe she has no problem with transgender people and simply saw the picture as an opportunity to make a joke without realizing or meaning it to be at the expense of transgender people.

That doesn't excuse it, but we don't know if she considered this person trans or even understood what she was seeing. Ignorance that this could be a transgender individual rather than "just a funny picture" isn't the same thing as transphobia.

Perry claims to be, at least, gay friendly. As other commenters have noted, she was named #1 in the 2008 OUT 100. So I think there's an argument for ignorance here and that's why I think getting to the underlying causes may be more constructive.

Maybe she hates trans people or maybe she just thinks it's OK to make fun of anyone who is different. Or maybe her issue is just focused on gender norms.

My argument is that her issues - based on her perception of herself, the lyrics in her songs, and her responses to interview questions - are with gender norms. Issues with gender non-conformity underlie both transphobia and homophobia and she needs to confront the conflicting message she's sending by claiming gay friendliness, while still showing an insensitivity to LGBT issues.

I think I can see that, but I think what Jerame meant is that there are MORE forms of hatred here that she's dealing with than JUST an instance of transphobia, BUT ALSO OTHER forms of hatred INCLUDING homophobia.

Homophobia isn't more important than transphobia. I think he meant that she's NOT ONLY transphobic--as it seems on the surface--BUT also more subtly homophobic as well. One can be transphobic and not homophobic. Also, one can be homophobic but not transphobic. I think that Jerame meant she was both. But I can't speak for Jerame.

Actually, I was trying to dig deeper and get at the issues that cause both transphobia and homophobia. In Perry's instance, it seems that she has issues with gender conformity. She sings about it and she posts tweets about it.

If we get to a person's underlying fears, maybe we can help them or others face their own demons. Pointing at her, calling her a transpobe and then moving on isn't going to educate her.

Pointing out that maybe she's got a fucked up view of gender roles might just make her think.

The person in the photo is trans and identifies on the site the picture (and others) are on as a "femme trannyboy."

I think people forget Katy Perry comes from a church background. She's never been a true ally.

I thought her cultivation of a LGBT fanbase was a cynical and desperate attempt to have a hit since her career had stalled until "I Kissed A Girl."

it *is* possible for someone to come from a church background and be a true ally..

I have to defend Donna Summer, the queen of disco.

The story about her saying that AIDS was God's punishment for gays has existed since 1983 but I have find a story that clarifies when and where she made that statement. She's always denied saying it.

In fact, she filed a $50 million lawsuit against New York magazine for perpetuating the rumor in 1991 and settled out of court. It seems the publishers didn't have any factual evidence either.

The myth that Donna hates the gays is one of the longest-lasting "grapevine items" I've ever seen.

Well then I stand corrected. Thank you gentlemen (I want to include Chuck too) for setting me 'straight.' I've been holding a grudge against her for over a decade, since I first came out. Now I feel like an ass!

Well we all know I AM an ass, but I feel like an even BIGGER ass.

Donna, my apologies. I guess I'm going to go flip on "Queen of Disco" now as a mea culpa.

The Bette story is not untrue though, because THAT all happened very visibly in the press after Massachusetts, and I was vigorously following LGBT news by then. She has come around since, but it was a really shitty move in my book, considering where she came from. Miss Bathhouse Betty ought NOT bite the hand that feeds her. I haven't spun "the Divine Miss M" since.

A gay icon mustn't waver. She needs to be 100% behind her peeps no matter what, and that's where Bette and Katy Perry blew it. You can't be part time. We get enough of that from our 'allies' on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures. Throughout all of our trials and tribulations over the past half a century, we've always, as a community, been able to take refuge in our music, and won't accept anything less than FULL investment by anyone wanting our worship.

Some think the pop culture aspect of the community is shallow and silly, but I think its serious stuff. When a person of stature, like a celebrity, models tolerance acceptance and love to America, it can have a profound effect. When Babs and Bette (in contrast to her latter day sins) took up the cause of the Florida Orange boycott, it was narry getting a notice in mainstream America. They brought visibility and acted as our voice, and we won!

Beyond that, we're not going to reach our goal of full equality under the law everywhere in America tomorrow, and there will be more really rough patches. Even then--even when we've got full equality--its still going to be hella hard to come out, especially for the youth. Art is therapeutic and soothing. Pop music is no different. What's kept me from activist burnout in my life of watching our community get beat down over and over is my ability to go shake it off Friday night, and come back Monday morning, refreshed and ready to begin anew. That's why I take the gay Icon thing very seriously.

To paint yourself as this new gay icon, and make no investment in the community AND THEN TO MAKE TRANSPHOBIC COMMENTS ON TOP OF THAT is a slap in the face. To come up in the community, use us as a springboard to fame, and then turn your back on us is a slap in the face. Manipulation like that is mean and thoughtless, but its also uninformed--it assumes our community is stupid enough to fall for that. We're not. We see through it. Its transparent.

We deserve better, and we show the 'less thans' to the door. Goodbye Katy Perry. Not so nice knowing ya.

On that note, I think Cyndi Lauper ought get the loyalest Icon award--she's NEVER failed us.

I like Cyndi Lauper too, but going out on the big HRC True Colors tour the summer after their ENDA debacle was a pretty big fail in the minds of most trans people.

Your OUT 100 2008 covergirl, ladies and gentlemen!

Seriously? Jeez. Googled and here's a link for everyone else:

I can't stand Katy Perry. She's a terrible singer and her songs are stupid. "I kissed a girl" was just annoying, no matter the lyrical content.

She thinks she can police what is cool and what isn't, and apparently that extends to gender policing. Not cool in my book, but then again I'm not a vapid pop star.

Nope, just a cheetos covered, pajama wearing blogger! ;-)

Out put Katy Perry on the cover of their OUT 100 last year, as opposed to you know, an out gay woman. Some gay men forget that some of their gay icons adore gay men...and only gay men.

The teen-25ish crowd that hangs out on the entertainment centered LGB sites generally praise Katy Perry. Even some teen lesbian and bi girls are totally puzzled as to why older LGBs make such a big deal about it. We've come a long way from Riot Grrrl (which I know had it's transphobia problems).

And before Riot Grrl, there was Joan Jett (who has never come out), and that's pretty much it. Every other female artist or band was all about being cockteases for teenage boys. What was great about Joan was even though she was totally aggressive in a way that was very sexy onstage, she didn't play just to that stereotypical fan, she played for and to everyone. In the early 80's, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were one of those few bands in the Manhattan punk club scene that were safe for both open and closeted LGBT's to go see. It wasn't until New Wave hit and really took hold that things began to blur a bit more in terms of gender in modern music.

Every other female artist wha...?

Joni Mitchell was a cock tease? Janis Ian was a "cock tease"? Janis Ian may have never somebody who appealed to the "teeny-bopper" set, but her whole career has been critically acclaimed and she won the Best Song of '75 Grammy. She may not have spent her whole career "out" (indeed, she put that off until '93), but ffs.... And how have people already forgotten about Melissa Etheridge? She came out at the time of her second album's release, and it went multi-platinum. That same year (1993), Jill Souble's "I Kissed A Girl" was in regular rotation on "college" stations. You don't even have to resort to "riot grrl" to find actual queer women who've had mainstream success.

Am I missing something here? If so, please let me know. I thought she was making a joke about birth control pills having an adverse effect on women? Like saying, they'll make a girl hairy. No?

Wow. Really? That's all you saw? Posting a nude pic of an apparent transperson to make a joke about anything would be problem #1. Using it make a specific joke about gender roles would be problem #2. Calling the pic FU (Fucked UP) would be problem #3. A pattern of what I'm terming gendernonconformophobia would be problem #4.

Then there's the question of how she obtained the picture and whether that person gave her permission to tweet it to the world. Then there's the question of whether that person was hurt by her mocking to all the Twitterverse. Then there's the question of whether nude pics of anyone belong on Twitter at all.

No, I see lots of problems with this. Maybe you need to look a little deeper.


I agree with your comments regarding the expectations of a gay icon. In fact, I'm working on a post/article on just that subject. I think the mainstream standard for icon status is far too low.

I'll limit my perspective to gay men: so many of us are happy to be acknowledged that we'll put anyone on a pedestal who isn't quoting Leviticus.

Pop culture is not as "meaningful" as politics, but to says it is irrelevant would be silly. Like it or not, we live in a society where celebrities and "role models" have the ability to influence millions of people.

My message to entertainers, politicians, and businesses who target the LGBT community: if you're going to take our money, you have to take the action of publicly speaking out against homophobia. Gay marriage, ENDA, hate crimes, don't ask don't tell, adoption, the whole nine yards.

I never got into Bette Midler, so she's no loss in my book.

Angela Brightfeather | December 22, 2009 1:04 PM

Dear Phil,

As copied from AOL News today....Below is what I'm worried about.

Tell me if you read anything at all about ENDA and the President's agenda? I sure could not find anything and in the view of the straight press, it seems like they are going out of their way to show that the CA and Maine votes aren't doing us any good either.

As a community, I think that we have remarked enough on the Ron Gold and now Katy Perry's in the world that have to be dealt with. And as to what Katy Perry has to do with anything serious is purely a case of accidental association. Can anyone say "flash in the pan" or "rocket queen"?

Item #2 on the Obama wish list was Jobs Legislation. Nothing was mentioned about ENDA in that item either, although it should be with the number of Trans people out of work historically which is three times the national average. We need ENDA before we need DADT or DOMA repeal.

Why we don't start to link up ENDA with the need for new jobs programs is beyond me. Every time the administration starts to talk about jobs, they should be hearing people screaming about ENDA. We have to make that link something the straight press starts to identify in their language about how bad things are and as an indicator of how things have to change.

I appreciate your post, but it was the first opportunity that I had to try and get things back to what really needs to be talked about because ENDA is a matter of life and death for some people.


What Obama Will Compromise On in 2010 Updated: 3 minutes ago
Print Text Size E-mail MoreRussell Berman

Sphere (Dec. 22) -- President Barack Obama's first year in the White House is ending with a heavy dose of compromise. His administration has given its blessing to the public-option-less health care reform package now inching toward passage in the Senate, which while still sweeping in scope is disappointing to his liberal base. Friday in Copenhagen, he helped hammer out a global accord on climate change that makes progress but lacks the teeth he'd sought.

And those items, however significant, are only two entries on the president's lengthy agenda. To accomplish his other goals, Obama will likely have to keep up the give and take. A sampling of what his 2010 compromises could look like:

5) Expansion of Gay Rights

Gay rights advocates who enthusiastically supported Obama in 2008 were among the first to be disappointed in 2009, when he did not move aggressively to end the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

What Obama wants: The president and his advisers have insisted that he supports ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," as well as a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, which President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1996. Obama may make a renewed push on either of those efforts at least in part to rejuvenate the Democratic base, which has been deflated by the administration's compromises on health care.

What he could get: The escalating war in Afghanistan complicates Obama's desire for a major change in military policy, but ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" may be the option with more widespread support, including from some Republicans. A push to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act means re-igniting the culture wars in an election year, a move that could be especially risky given the gay rights movement's recent setbacks in ballot initiatives in California in 2008 and in Maine this November.

Angela, you're not wrong. We DON'T pay enough attention to ENDA. Though I do believe that to stay sane you've got to take a bit of a breather from time to time, ENDA has been my mantra for some months now, but I have not posted about it in a while. Thank you for calling me out and reminding me to get back on the road before I veered into the ditch!

The 'straight' press will not say ANYTHING about ENDA unless WE make a lot of noise about it.

I don't think we SHOULDN'T also talk about lots of other topics too. A rock star--flash in the pan as she is--tweeting something potentially transphobic to millions of readers IS important to note, on top of all of the other things. We've got to talk about it all. We've got a real shot at an LGBT political revolution here in Illinois, with an opportunity to elect an openly gay US Senator, openly gay State Senator and two openly gay State Reps. These are important as well. We should really be talking about all of it, all of the time, and not be afraid to annoy our less political friends with all of our LGBT political drivel all of the time. It may make activists out of them yet.

We can and should take tangents, but we must keep our eyes on the prize. Thanks for this, I think I've got a post brewing in my little brain now!

Thank heaven for this post! I thought that TPB might go a whole week without identifying some new enemy to be vilified. The enemy is everywhere. All over the country, there are people who say and think things that TPB doesn't agree with. Why even right here at TPB, a person actually thought that he could post a contrary view. The post actually lasted on the site a whole day.

Now, some of these people have the temerity to tell jokes that haven't been pre-approved by the trans PC police. These are all evil people who must be branded, demonized and then ignored. Only when we have destroyed all the evil people can we find true happiness in our lives.

I would say that KP must spend a lot of time collecting porn or have a number of close friends who collect for her.

I first saw this picture on the internet at least 3 years ago. It came from, a large, free porn site, possibly aggregated from elsewhere. There were a number of other photographs, of which I have a couple on file.

I don't consider it really polite or appropriate to speculate on whether a particular person with a trans appearance is MTF or FTM, and I'm sure the readers of this could cite evidence one way or the other.

Based on the entire set of photos (which are not definitive) I think this person is MTF and has been on a strong herbal phytoestrogen regime, obviously has not had any hair removal (or even shaving), and is pre-op top and bottom. What difference could it possibly make?

As for tweeting about this sort of photo, there's a lot more stuff out there that would surely offend anyone as naive as KP. This is pretty mild, frankly.

What nonsense! And now I've added my noise to the subject...

@Dan: "I don't consider it really polite or appropriate to speculate on whether a particular person with a trans appearance is MTF or FTM, and I'm sure the readers of this could cite evidence one way or the other."

Way to go ahead and do exactly what you think isn't appropriate. Btw, herbal phytoestrogens don't have nearly enough estrogen in them to feminize anyone... so, as to your inappropriate diagnosis... fail. Plus, he's absolutely ftm and his body is no one's beezwax, including mine. The photo itself is fairly mild but her snide crack is what people are really talking about here. Basically, feeling entitled to make fun of trans bodies. But then, any cis-person who's made fun of 'trannies' is displaying about much ugly entitlement as KP.

Ok to answer a couple questions here Not haveing seen the pictiure in question I can only say this.Manboobs on a guy dose not mean hes in transion to female.Lots of guys have this conditon so is normal for some men.Birth control pills can and have been used by some gurls to get a head start on going all the way or to acheive the look with out going to a doctor.Now as to Katy she is some one who should stick to her carrer of singing.

Who cares. Katy Perry is on the way out anyway. We have Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga, the one that just likes sex with girls, has only been in love with men, and is absolutely not a feminist.

Schwow! KP elicits much stronger feelings with far more folk than I would have guessed.

I think she is going for the "lack of estrogen causes facial hair" which is half-right anyhow.

It's important to remember that she has no real medical or science training LOL.

And why was my first thought of that photo "Hey, I know where she got that!" In other words, why would she be on a vegan gender-non-conforming porn site anyway.

The site where Katy Perry apparently got the picture identifies who he is and how he identifies. His name is Kristofski and he identifies as a "femme trannyboy." We do not need to speculate as to his identity, it was right there the whole time.

Hi all, I'm the person in the picture Katy Perry tweeted. I know I'm a bit late to the party, I ment to respond to this a while ago but didn't get around to it.

The woman who runs the site I originally submitted this set of pics to emailed me to let me know about the Perry tweet, but when I looked around the interwebs it seemed that many people had already backed me up over them so I felt like the issue was in good hands (I did sign up to twitter soley to tell that woman (who I never thought much of anyway) what a d*ck she is, but I never got a response).

I had these pics taken about 6 years ago now (they are in my then girlfriend's bedroom), and almost straight away they seemed to have spread across the interwebs - unsuprisingly I was quite freaked out at first but after a while I got my head around it and it stopped bothering me. It's just my body at the end of the day, we've all got one and I'm not ashamed of mine, even though it's quite different from most people's.

And just to clarify, I am indeed female to male. And I've still not had chest surgery (though I probably will do at some point). And if anything I'm even harier than I was then.

Much love to you all! xx

The tweet is really rude. Every person has rights on who they want to be no matter what the sexual orientation is. Since this is almost a year ago, I hope she already reflected on her actions.