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Police TASERed gay porn actor Andrew Grande to death

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The three police officers holding down one person must have been in serious danger here, since they Tasers are sold as just a safer tool to use than a gun. But is that how the police would have handled this situation before, if a man was resisting arrest but was held down by three officers? By shooting him?

The sheriff's comments are infuriating:

This afternoon, Bay County sheriff told us that Grande most likely would have only faced misdemeanor charges had he cooperated, but once he resisted, the stakes became much more serious.

You know, the guy was on the ground. Officers were trying to handcuff him. If he'd allowed them to handcuff him, it would have been over. There would have been no tasing, there would have been no resisting, and this would not have happened. Unfortunately, our officers were there, but this subject chose to ingest this and put this in his mouth, and because of that, you know, he's dead.

Stone cold, that man. They use force that they know has already killed lots of people in America because a man was resisting a misdemeanor arrest, and then he blames the guy for dying.

I understand that the cops have a difficult job, and I'm sure that it would be much easier for them to perform if everyone just did what they were told all the time. But some people won't follow police orders and they'll resist being arrested, and killing them isn't the response to that.

Yes, Grande had marijuana in his stomach. But the officers should think about the risk that Tasers are known to put people in before they shoot them up full of electricity. What if Grande had a heart condition? What if he had a nervous condition? And are these officers really qualified to tell if someone they plan on zapping is in stable enough condition to survive that attack?

We know that Tasers kill, so why are we letting police officers become judge, jury, and executioner when they feel someone isn't properly respecting them? Probably because, as we see every time someone dies in police custody, people place blind faith in the officers' intentions and finds a way to blame the person who was held down and shot full of electricity.

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Patricia Harlow | December 15, 2009 6:32 PM

Wow! How much marijuana did this person have on them to justify an on-the-spot death penalty?

THE GUT DIED OF ASPHYXIATION! The headline is misleading and wrong.

Having looked at the video... the headline is misleading.

He wasn't held down and tasered - as many have been. He was running away when shot. It's not clear whether tackling him and forcing him to the ground would have done less damage.

He choked on a plastic bag he'd swallowed. The police did what they could to clear his airway.

There's many examples of misuse of tasers as devices of torture, and means of extra-judicial execution. This wasn't one of them.

He was running because officers can't hold him down and tase him at the same time. They'd get shocked too. They let him go so that they could tase him.

The police did what they could afterwards to help him, yes. If I shoot someone in the head and then call 911, am I no longer responsible for shooting that person?

This is such an example. We watched the same video, and I don't see how this situation is one where the police officers, in the absence of Tasers, would have used a gun. And that's what we've been promised as the "appropriate" use of such devices. There were other options available to the three officers arresting someone on drug charges, and they chose to use one that kills.

Zoe, I'm with you on this one. There are many instances where police abuse power, but this simply isn't one of them. The man likely died from suffocation through swallowing the bags of marijuana; not the TASER. And I'm not even sure the relevance of the headline — it is misleading and makes one believe police TASERed the man, treating him differently because he is both gay and a porn star — neither of which had anything to do with it.

Alex, there is a certain level of personal responsibility here. Did the man deserve to die? Of course not. But I believe if he hadn't swallowed the bags of marijuana then the TASER in this instance would not have resulted in death.

My Partner, John, has survived two heart attacks
and five bi-pass surgery. It has been proven that
people with heart problems stand a good chance of
dying if tasered. Indiscriminate use of taser by
police is on the rise.

Norm D Plume | December 15, 2009 8:13 PM

Cops have been brutalizing people of color for centuries. Did police brutality only become real for Alex Blaze when a porn star suffered?

I post about police brutality regularly on TBP. I can't post about every instance, so I usually stick to the ones that have an LGBT connection of some sort, since this is an LGBT blog.

There are entire blogs devoted to police brutality, but that's just not our scope here. So I only post on stories connected to that scope when it comes to a subject as broad as police brutality with as many instances as there are of it.

1. Three adult men trained to subdue and cuff suspects who failed with a 3 to 1 advantage. Why did they let him up? He couldn't have over powered them.

2. Less than Leathal force wasn't called for. There was no imminent threat of harm to anyone.

These three men were playing to the camera crew. A single police officer is able to cuff a person of the same size even if the suspect is struggling. For three men who all mass double the suspect not to be able to handle this one man is stupid. They deserve to be fired for failure to perform the basic duty of subduing and cuffing a suspect.

The fact that they killed a man while apprending him for a misdemenor is aborent.

come on moron!!! police here are bunch of fat ass, unprepared all the are good for is giving people traffic ticket, they are not capable to subdue no one but with force..they also good of stop at Birger King and Mc donalds eat like bunch of pigs..

Alex - did you watch the same video that you posted??? That guy was a dumbass - swallowing a bag of weed! He resisted arrest - getting up when the police officers tried to handcuff him. They Tasered him to subdue him. And then they tried to help him when they realized he was choking. According to the news broadcast, he died of apparent "suffocation" AT THE HOSPITAL - not Tasering to death. Stop sensationalizing anti-police sentiment.

Do you have ANY friends or relatives who are in law enforcement? Do you even realize what they go through EVERY day to protect us?

I know these officers have a tough job. But it was one against three, the officers were armed, and he was only being arrested on misdemeanor drug offenses. He was a danger to no one.

The death penalty is not the appropriate punishment for resisting arrest, as much as we'd like for people to submit to police power in these situations. Just because he was trying to get away doesn't mean he deserves to die.

I'm looking for a story I read earlier this year (can't find a link, I might post later on this) on a police officer who filed a complaint with his department saying that he couldn't be Tased as part of his Taser training (some departments require that officers with tasers feel what it's like, although not all). He said he was at risk of dying because of his heart condition. The police know these things kill, so are they properly qualified to determine who they'll kill and who they won't? Do we want them to be making that decision?

If it's a heart condition that puts someone at risk of death by Taser or swallowing plastic baggies shouldn't matter. Officers know these devices have a propensity to kill and they're supposed to be the good guys. They should only be used in situations where guns would have otherwise been used, and, since they haven't shown the restraint to limit themselves to that, these devices should be banned.

You may think it's "one against three" but have you ever been in that situation - where you had to assess the risk to your own life based on the irrational actions of someone you've never met? That's what police officers have to do on a regular basis.

When people are amped up on drugs or are mentally unstable, they can and will do lots of irrational things - which includes resisting arrest and grabbing an officer's gun. When an officer is arresting a suspect, he needs to assess whether that suspect is a danger to the officer and/or others. From the video, it looked like the officers were trying to handcuff him and he fought free.

The fact that the officers were armed is irrelevant, especially given that *you* seem to be convinced that an officer should NEVER shoot anyone with a gun.

Also, are you SURE they were arresting him for a misdemeanor drug offense? Based on the information provided in the video, it sounded more like they were arresting him for assault and battery (he pushed a WOMAN), and he swallowed his bag of pot to avoid being arrested for possession of pot. So, he was already accused of violence - which would probably have predisposed the police to treat him differently when he resisted arrest.

I agree completely with you that "just because he was trying to get away doesn't mean he deserves to die." But I disagree with you that he died BECAUSE he was trying to get away. He died because he was stupid enough to swallow a bag of pot AND was stupid enough to resist arrest. Sometimes stupid people die because they do stupid things.

Why am I defending cops? Because I was in a committed relationship to a gay police officer for over 4 years. And I know the dangers of being on patrol, having been on a ride-along with him and encountering drug addicts, shoplifters, wife beaters, drunk drivers and others - all in one night!

If you have never been on a citizen ride-along, I suggest that you try it out and see what they go through (be sure to try an inner city area). Maybe you'll be just a touch more sympathetic and realize that COPS ARE PEOPLE too, with loved ones waiting for them to come home ALIVE.

Alex; as one who has a defibrillator implanted in my chest - and who could easily die as a result of being tasered - I agree with you that the use of these things needs to be employed much more judiciously and that most all officers need to be trained better. But unless it can be proven that the taser caused a spasm that reulted in this guy inhaling the plastic baggie, then both the taser and the officers are pretty much blameless here in my opinion. This was a terrible tragedy and not much else. And as an aside, I don't understand why the term 'porn star' had to be attached to your headline or the story. Are you suggesting that the cops had fore-knowledge of this, and targeted the guy for being a porn star?
Of course you're not, and thus it comes across as as a bit sensationalistic and quite unneccesary.

Re the title: As I wrote above, I generally only post on police brutality here at TBP when there's an LGBTQ connection. I didn't mention the connection in the post so I put it in the title, and this man was a semi-prominent member of the community because of his sex work (I had never heard of him, though, and, unlike other sites, I didn't put up naked pics of him). I suppose I could have said "pornographic model" or "porn actor" or "sex worker" or a phrase different from "porn star," but I thought that would get to the point since some TBP readers, I'm sure, were a fan of his work.

Re the death: You're right, I'm sure we'll never know what really killed him. He may have died of cancer or another disease at the exact same time he was shocked, and the death may have been entirely coincidental. It's not like we're going to find out - the only investigation that will most likely happen will be performed by the cops' buddies.

To me, though, 23-year-olds don't just die from choking on baggies when there are people trained in the Heimlich maneuver standing around and are rushed to the hospital. Again, it could be a freak accident that wasn't caused by the Tasers, but that's some mighty huge coincidence.

I think the important thing that a lot of people are missing is that tasers are supposed to be alternatives to guns.

They are not meant to "subdue" suspects. That's what the officer is for. That's what they're trained to do at the academy. They're also taught to only pull out the gun if the situation demands it.

This situation did not demand that.

The guy runs. What happens in a normal situation? They chase him. They wouldn't shoot him, they'd simply chase him.

Do cops have it bad? Of course. It's a dangerous job. But if it's not a situation that requires whipping out the gun, they shouldn't use a taser. That's lazy policing and this time (as in many others) it resulted in death.

Do you idiots really think that the death was caused by taser??

he CHOKED to death on the bag of weed that HE decided to swallow. He dug his own grave.

that was something that this guy shouldn't have tried to deep throat. :D

No, he tried to swallow a baggie of pot. Then he was hit with the taser which caused his throat to constrict which made him choke to death on the weed. Spin it how you want, but no taser = no death. They'd have been able to use the Heimlich successfully if his throat wasn't still spasming because of the taser.

There is no proof that the tasering caused his throat to constrict and cause the choking. He swallowed more than one bag according to some reports. More likely, he was already choking on the one bag, and officers could not have known that.

I am not the biggest fan of tasering. I think they have been misused. But I rather be tasered than shot truth be told. It would be a great tool to reduce police shootings if there was a pause in their ue and some heavy training on using it safely...

Thank you for picking up on this. Although I disagree with your emphasis on the taser gun being an integral part of what contributed to his death, I do feel that this story needs to be examined more fully. I was disappointed to learn from some my readers how unsympathetic they were to the plight of Andrew Grande.


Close Friend of Andrews | December 16, 2009 3:57 PM

As someone who is close to the situation and Andrew I'd like to say something. I know that every side has it's story and it's sad for his family, his partner, and us friends of his who loved him so much, that he will never be able to tell his side. I've known Andrew for over tweleve years and if he were here today I'd smack him upside the head for his stupidity. No one denies that Andrew was drunk and made a stupid decision hence why the blame should not only be placed on the officers, BUT on Andrew also.
However, that being said, the video clearly shows that the Sheriff's department was showing off for the camera. They got him on the ground in the first place and held him there, there was no reason why they could not have completely cuffed him. They let him up, and Andrew was not resisting arrest-he was not trying to run, he was simply trying to let them know that he's choking. And what do they do? They pull the Taser out. When the police reports states that they "watched him swallow the bag" before the scuffle even started should have alerted them that he wasn't in his right mind at the time. That's when they should have utilized other techniques not automatically jump to Taser guns. Let's not mention the lack of knowlege on the Heimlich, every officer of the law should know how to properly use the Heimlich and they didn't.
While it's unfortuante what Andrew chose as a career path had to come out like this, this shouldn't be about the fact that he was gay or that he did porn, it shouldn't even be about the pot itself. I'm sure that the only people involved in the situation who knew that about Andrew were his friends. What people should know about Andrew, is that he had this uncanny ability to make everyone laugh, he loved life, people fell in love with Andrew because he was an amazing character. If you only met Andrew once, you became a friend of his for life. People should know that Andrew had a heart of gold, he loved his Partner with his entire life. Andrew had what he called an "honorary son", who he protected and loved very much. While I never met that little boy, Andrew talked about him constantly, when Andrew was home in Alabama he'd see that little boy as much as possible. Now that little boy will never get to see Andrew again.
I know that most of you probably don't care what I have to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. What you read in the articles is just generic bullshit. You know we "boohoo" for the THREE officers who couldn't civilly arrets ONE man, and we hear their story, but they get to go home to their families at night and we who loved Andrew and really knew him won't ever get to hear his laugh again, we won't ever be able to feel his embrace when he's comforting us. And that's what this is about.
Andrew wouldn't want this to be about whose fault it is that he passed away, he wouldn't want us to worry over the details, he would want us to move on. He'd want us to smoke a blunt and have a party in his memory. And that's just the kind of guy he was.

I am sorry that you lost your friend and I am glad that you are taking a moment to share your point of view.

And yes, I do think this should not be sensationalized as being a gay issue, but rather it is a tragic death of your friend. It benefits no one to sensationalize this death.

I hope however you decide to memorialize him, that you find peace in it.

Oh Oh the Bilerico editors consider someone somewhat "prominent" in the LGBT community because he was a gay porn star...

Next things we will see is Bilerico adding a handful of white porn-stars to their contributor list since they are now considered "prominent."

Day by day it becomes clear that in the Bilerico Project's quest to become the LGBT Huffington Post they are becoming star struck...

A week later and still no Latino Chicano LGBT contributor writing a post that is of significant important to Latino y Chicano LGBTs: John Perez.

But hey, he was "prominent" and we want to distract the reader's from last week's Goldgate mess so let's sensationalize the story and inflame emotions....

As for this incident, it is newsworthy. Does it rise to the level of blame on the police? Not in this case - and it seems obvious to most of the commentators. News yes, outrage no... not at all.
His death is sad to for his family and friends. To try to add to it by placing blame where it doesn't belong is irresponsible.

I watched the video multiple times, paused and watched some more. What seems pretty clear is that Andrew Grande was putting on a mighty struggle. He is obviously fit and healthy - looks pretty strong and built in images I have seen of him. I suspect he was already choking w/limited blockage and that led panic and adrenaline fueling his struggle. He turned himself around easily and his hand appeared to hit or nearly hit the office who jumped up.

I am not star crazy of police... they are human and I they are imperfect. Some are kind and some are not. The vast majority have no interest in hurting or killing anyone. But yes there are a few bad apples. And they can be seen tasering someone who is not struggling or is standing a safe distance away. When you are black or Latino in front of the wrong cops at the wrong time, you run the risk of being tasered or shot without even a struggle...

Yes tasering seems to be misused at times, but so does shooting people of color for little to no reason. As a matter of fact shooting or beating people of color, happens so much more. In this case, a prominent white member of the LGBT was tasered and TBP wants to rally the troops.

Sorry, not going to happen this time. Instead, I will take a moment to pray for him and his family, I hope they can survive this with a minimum of further sensationalizing.

The Bilerico Project also leaves out the fact that the police were called to the scene because he allegedly committed an act of violence against someone present. Frankly, there is no obvious LGBT connection here at all, except after the fact, we know him to be LGBT. There was no obvious indicator to the police he was LGBT and it was irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Oh Oh the Bilerico editors consider someone somewhat "prominent" in the LGBT community because he was a gay porn star...

Next things we will see is Bilerico adding a handful of white porn-stars to their contributor list since they are now considered "prominent."

Wow. Tell us how you really feel about sex workers and people who've done porn!

Day by day it becomes clear that in the Bilerico Project's quest to become the LGBT Huffington Post they are becoming star struck...

Yes, that's the main difference between TBP and the huff po: we have stars and they don't. I don't think they've ever let a celebrity post on their site. Nope. Can't think of a single one they've invited over there based on their celebrity. Too bad that we're drowning in celebrities over here.

(Nothing against the real celebrities who happen to be reading this thread. Will you sign my underwear?)

A week later and still no Latino Chicano LGBT contributor writing a post that is of significant important to Latino y Chicano LGBTs: John Perez.

Latino or Chicano? Please decide before you start specifically requesting posts on certain topics being written by specific people in a thread not related to that topic. You know, that way we can send it along to someone who cares.

Should I contact a latino or a chicano person and tell them that you have requested a post on John Perez, and that it had better be written by a person who is latino or chicano or it doesn't count? Should I phrase it with "You're latino or chicano (can't figure out which), so post about John Perez. That's important to your people."

(BTW, I'm latino, but apparently not enough for you, so I guess I can't post about John Perez. And Karen Ocamb posting about him counts for nothing because she's not of the right ethnic background.... this is all tough to figure out.)

As for the rest of your post, the guy wouldn't have died if he wasn't Tased. We all seem to agree on that. You think it's OK that the police Tased him and then he died, fine. But realize that amount of authoritarianism that is required to support such a proposition, and I hope that you know that one day, it could be you who the police want to tase, for whatever reason, and that that could be your life at risk there. None of us is safe from police violence unless we have clear standards about what's OK and what's not, along with good training to make sure those standards are followed.

You have twisted my words around. You wrote out of anger. I am glad you did, it shows all your disdain and true colors for all to see. Your response speaks for itself.

PS, I knew you were Hispanic. I noted it before.

Take care...

Nicely said. Our thoughts to you and his family and loved ones on your loss.

Nicely said. Our thoughts to you and his family and loved ones on your loss.

Dear Close Friend of Andrew's- Thank you so much for your post on this site to tell us more about this man that we did not know. He sounds like he had a nice life and I am so sorry he lost it and that those in his life, like you, are grieving and will not have him around any more. I hope you can eventually find some peace as well as his partner and family. Thanks also for reminding us that we should not focus on fighting with each other and attacking Alex for one thing or another. Lately this site has been so full of division and almost hate that I am starting to wish I had stayed away. I hope it can stop and that people will be more respectful to each other. I would ask that you who watch the video, which I have not, realize that his family may some day see that and know how much pain it will cause them as you continue to fight about it.

Nathan Verber | December 16, 2009 7:44 PM

The taser causes an electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles. With the bag in his? mouth and the total muscle contraction by the taser, he aspirated the bag. Otherwise the cough reflection wouldn't let that bag go down the airway.
Try being tasered repeatedly with water, food or anything in one's mouth. You will aspirate the content for sure. In this case a small bag.

Maybe we should try to reach out to young GLBT men and teach them about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Remember the other gay porn actor who was shot by San Diego Harbor Police last year when he jumped off a Gay Pride cruise? He probably would still be alive today if it hadn't been for his drug usage.
And Andrew might still be alive today if he wasn't drinking and trying to avoid arrest by swallowing a bag of pot.
Rather than focus all of our attention on cops, why don't we try to help our own community? The best way to stop a problem is by addressing the root cause. The cops never would have been called in the first place if Andrew had not shoved a GIRL while drunk. And he would not have choked to death if he hadn't been trying to hide an illegal bag of pot.

I think its interesting that people continually justify police using excessive force, because their job is "dangerous". But, depending where you look, police usually don't even make it on the top 10 list of dangerous jobs.

Documented detailed scientific research has stated
that use of a taser can result in death. Like use of a gun, a taser should only be used in the most extreme situations where the officer's life is in danger.

Wow. I've just come here and looked at these comments. All I can say is: I hope none of those trying to validate the cops' actions ever find themselves in this situation. Tasers are widely considered dangerous and unnecessary:

And there's lots more on the harmful effects of tasers, which are like nothing but cruel and inhumane giant electric cattle prods used on humans.

The headline is not misleading. It points to cause and effect, and points out that the man was also a gay porn star. I assume that's Alex pointing out the relevance of this to a gay website. Of course, others here have slammed him for not writing about tasers when the story's not connected to gayness, so this is clearly a no-win situation and yet another red herring argument.

"Personal responsibility?" Really? Even the newscasters have a hard time being sympathetic to the cops, and they report on the bag being swallowed. The point is to NOT use tasers, regardless of whether or not someone has swallowed a bag. As Bil said, it's lazy policing. All those cops and one man -- and they needed to taser him like a hunted animal?

So now we determine justice based on whether or not the dead can claim personal responsibility for their deaths or not? On whether or not they were perfect citizens who would never, in a moment of panic, try to swallow the evidence of their marijuana use?

I'm always baffled when gays, of all people, whose lives have been and continue to be criminalised by idiotic and meaningless laws in this country and the WORLD, fail to see the damaging effects of allowing the state this much power. And when they actually buy into the heartless rhetoric of a police officer who can actually say, with a straight face and knowing that this video exists, "Unfortunately, our officers were there, but this subject chose to ingest this and put this in his mouth, and because of that, you know, he's dead." He did not die because of simply ingesting the bag; he died because the taser clearly left him unable to breathe well enough to push the bag back up and/or because the police maneuvers failed to help him. He did not die because of his "drug abuse," he died because of the tasering. Pot is smoked by millions of Americans every day - it's not alcohol and drug abuse.

Again, I hope no one here finds themselves in a similar situation where they feel cornered, panic in desperation and end up paying for a reflex action with their life. And I hope that those left in your wake aren't left with the double task of mourning for their dead and trying to validate their loved one's death by repeatedly pointing out how good they were.

NOBODY deserves to die like this, not even the biggest douchebags among us.

Oh, and Alex, I'll be happy to sign your underwear.

The headline should be "Drunk man (who happened to be gay) chokes to death on baggie of pot after assaulting woman and being TASERed while resisting arrest." That would be more accurate.

Just because pot is used by millions of people each day doesn't make it legal. Just like driving with a BAC over .08 (which is done by millions of people). And driving over the speed limit (which is also done by millions of people). If you get caught, don't try to argue your way out of an arrest by saying "millions of other people do it." Just take personal responsibility for your actions and take your punishment.

Yasmin, you're right, no one "deserves" to die. But sometimes good people die. And we should try to learn something from their deaths.

My lesson from this: don't drink so much that you physically assault someone to the point where someone calls 911.
And, if you choose to do porn, don't try to keep it a secret - your family WILL find out at some point - it's better that they find out straight from you.


The man is dead - this is not a case of someone having hit and run someone in a car and refusing to take "personal responsibility" for it. The cops are the ones who need to take responsibility for it.

As for your comment about his porn career as a secret - I don't know that it was a secret: his friend's note above does not explicitly state that, AND IT WOULDN'T MATTER IF IT HAD BEEN A SECRET. I find your comment revoltingly heartless. I mean, really, please, do tell us how you feel about the relative worth of human beings based on the life choices they made.

Because, of course, it's SO easy for every gay porn star to just come out to their friends and family - "Hi, I'm not just gay, I act in gay porn movies." Do you also think that people should keep their gay lifestyles in check? Because, you know, gay people who are also promiscuous and not into the marriage agenda really just deserve what they get if they should ever run into the cops while smoking marijuana and/or having been in a fight with someone ... I mean, it all just adds up, right?

Let's just pile on the charges while we're at it. Porn star not out as porn star? Bad. GAY porn star not out as gay star? Double bad! Gay porn star in a fight with someone who then runs from police and swallows a bag of marijuana, and consequently dies when they taser him and he chokes on the bag? Why, hell, tasering was just too darn good for him! Let's not judge the actual action and the system that killed him; let's just judge the MAN. Because THAT is justice, right?

You do see where your logic is going, don't you?

As for headlines, these last couple of weeks have taught me that the bilerico commenters who are the least likely to know ANYTHING about writing or media are also the ones MOST likely to see themselves as skilled at judging things like headlines and editing duties - tasks with which they have had absolutely no experience. So I'll leave that red herring where it lies.

Finally, I'll leave you with this to think about: Sodomy was illegal until 2003. Not everything that's "illegal" deserves to be punished as such. Think of that the next time you're in your bedroom with a man without worrying that cops might raid your home and arrest you. (I'm only assuming you're a gay man, though nothing you've said gives me reason to assume that - you could well be a straight person secretly here to try to convince teh gayz to shape up or else.)

I think we've all made our summations here. I'll just repeat: This was a heinous act of violence and murder. NO ONE deserves to die this way, and excuses about everything else - his life, his actions - are simply red herrings thrown our way.

Close friend of Andrews | December 18, 2009 5:26 PM

Just to make one more quick note of facts...take from it what you will. Andrew did not assult Crystal. She would not let him or the other two people in the her vehicle out so he pushed on her seat to try to scare her into letting them out(they were in the backseat). He did not physically touch her.

Please understand I am in no way trying to take up for his actions-I'll be the first to tell you he was stupid that night, but I'm tired of people saying he beat up Crystal. If Crystal was so innocnet in all of this, she wouldn't have told the police officers when they first arrived that she didn't "mean to get anyone in trouble" and then RUN AWAY FROM THE CRIME SCENE.

Also, just a side note...Andrew made no secret about his career or his sexuality to his friends or family he wasn't ashamed at all, but to be honest he didn't shout from the rooftops in front of his mother that he made porn.

I apologize for any comments that I have made that come across as insensitive.

It's unfortunate that Alex Blaze chose to make his point about police use of TASERs by posting this particular video, because we did end up going down some rabbit holes regarding Andrew's career in porn and his use of alcohol and drugs.

I in no way want to imply that I think that Andrew deserved to die because he does drugs or because he has appeared in gay porn.

Human life is precious. And Andrew will be remembered by family, friends and fans.

November 24th police entered my home without identifying themselves (they were in plain clothes and we thought they were thugs going to try to rob us) to arrest my son on domestic violence charges that proved to be false. I told the people to wait on my porch! The screen door was closed! They opened my screen door and burst in! My son does not live at my house he happened to stop by that day. The police were also from a neighboring city. They charged him with resisting arrest and some other charge in addition to the supposed domestic violence charge. Neither of us knew they were police! I was in the process of removing the thugs when they finally identified themselves to me as police, I threw up my hands! From what I have found out the police have every right to invade your house at will and they do not have to identify themselves as police officers and can break into your house anytime they want! The court date for the resisting arrest and the other charge will be Dec 22, 2009! The Domestic violence charge has already been proven to have been false but my son is more that likely going to get a record for resisting arrest! I am having nightmares almost every night beacuse of this! This man lost his life because the police tasered him as he was trying to swallow the bag of pot! He lost his life! I'm sure his thinking was very much impaired! The police could tell! If the police treated people properly he may have not put up such a fight! I'm sure it was not his first experience with police behavior! I know I can not trust them from now on!

What is or was the subject? A college dissertation. We all know that to get a heart started again everyone needs to stand clear of get a healthy dose of the charge seems reasonable to stand clear for a 50,000 volt charge. If the guy was already chocking this just made it worse and yes for the most part tasing is fun and games to the cops lets face it the act makes them more of a man and they like that. So some of you folks just exhaust me trying to keep up. Alex no need to argue some do and some don't deal well with any kind of authority. Some will and some won't like how you post fortunately I have the delete button and almost used it when I couldn't find the end of the comments and comments to the comments on and on and on.

Im really crying for this kid im so upset i read what his father wrote and it hurt my heart. See him dieing right in front of my eyes and the panic on his face really hurt me. I pray that god forgives him and welcomes him into heaven. I also prey for his family

we need to make police accountable for using tasers,, this was clearly a man choking and tying to hold on to his life.. not resisting arrest.. he was fighting to keep his hands free it was the only way he had a chance to clear his throat and he knew it.. so did the cops.. so why tase the man? WRONG WRONG WRONG

wow, what a fucktard, the police are trying to give him the Heimlich manouver but hes resisting... serves him right to die, idiot. at least they tried their best to get him to cooperate.