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Queer music Friday - Cris Williamson

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Cris Williamson is famous for producing the first album with lesbian themes back in 1975 with The Changer and the Changed. It was released by Olivia Records, the first all-women record label. She eventually started an independent label of her own.

Here she is, in 2004, performing "Waterfall" from that album, easily her most-widely known song.

Here's a live performance of "Sweet Woman."

And here's Cris, on The L Word:

I honestly don't watch it just because I'm mostly on the road. I've seen once. Still I have an opinion about it, which is: It reminds me of when Native Americans were portrayed in the Old Westerns. They didn't want real Natives. They wanted people who acted like what they thought natives talked like. It comes out as this very low level stupid-sounding lingo, which isn't how they talk at all. They do have their own special way of talking, but when Native people speak it, it's right. I think to have actors portraying... why wouldn't you have lesbians? They're there. They're certainly there in Hollywood. Hungry as we are, we go okay, that's pretty good. We're almost there. Hunger often drives people to accept crumbs. We really want a full meal. And we deserve one.

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Hello there, dear Alex!

A sincere thanks for posting this, and all the sweet memories it evokes. How GLORIOUS the sound, messages, and shared life of Cris Williamson!! Her honoring and trust in the authentic self rings wholly true, reverberates in the warm and loving innermost chambers of our hearts and flows outward through our veins, again and again, into the violet UNIVERSE.

And you, Mr. Alex Man, sometimes I think you are much older and wiser than your years. What soulful sounds hast thou sung of late into thine beloved's soft-conched ear?

Lynn Ballen | December 6, 2009 5:41 PM

hi there - great that you posted this (and Cris' quote re The L Word!)
But - a correction - Changer & The Changed wasn't the first Lesbian themed album. Alix Dobkin's 'Lavender Jane Loves Women' paved the way in '73