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Rachel Maddow slays ex-gay Richard Cohen

Filed By Bil Browning | December 09, 2009 12:30 PM | comments

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Did you see Rachel Maddow rip ex-gay Richard Cohen to pieces last night? If not, it's a beautiful thing to behold. Cohen's book is being used as justification for Uganda's proposed "Kill Gay People" legislation, but he tries to do a really strange tap dance that simultaneously condemns Uganda, but also justifies his book's ludicrous claims.

Second half of the interview after the jump.

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Rachel is so good with these interviews. She's friendly and cordial and yet at the same time can go after these guys so well and so directly that IMHO she's one of the very best mainstream interviewers out there.

Just yet another reason why I never miss her show.

Rachel Maddow in 2012!

I'd love to see her do the same to Sarah Palin.

I'll vote for her. What a good mind she has in these exchanges. So calm and directed yet always polite.

Rachel exposes and then invites us all to laugh at these people. It's a great tactic.

The more we make religious fanatics "crazy" (not bigots and homophobes and haters) the more they are marginalized. The World has begun laughing at them - not yelling at them. That is much more effective.

I disagree. While it was entertaining for all of us to watch Maddow ridicule this guy, I doubt this interview persuaded anyone to change his or her mind about the ex-gays. He's very patient and confident and actually comes across as kind of nice.

Kinda agree. No one watching her show believes that garbage, but it's great entertainment for the rest of us.

This guy's a joke, and instead of blaming him for the Uganda gay death penalty law, I'd kinda like to see American media take on the origins of that law from an Ugandan perspective. Sure, it's fun to blame Cohen and Warren and the Family, because it's a lot easier than actually trying to figure out why Ugandans are supportive of this law, but we might actually learn something otherwise.

I've been disappointed in many ways by coverage of this law, as if Uganda isn't a country, but simply an extension of American politics and policy influence. They do have people who live there who do stuff for their own reasons. The only problem is that we don't want to send anyone over there to find out what they are.

But let's make fun of the pillow beater guy! He's cah-ray-zee!

This is so sad, really. Individuals, who may not see this broadcast, may read and believe the toxic garbage this man and his organization spews. Fine work by Maddow.

Thanks for sharing.

Angela Brightfeather | December 9, 2009 5:26 PM

I discovered Racheal Maddow when she was broadcasting on the radio and was immediately attracted to her insight and professionalism before I knew that she was a lesbian.

I enjoyed her interviews and comments right from the beginning and recognized them as a cut above everything else out there. I was overjoyed to finally meet her on my TV screen and I watch her avidly every night possible, only missing her ocassionally on Thursday night whan I play in a pool league, but even on those nights I tune in after 1 a.m. to catch her show and wake up late for work.

As an advocate for GLBT rights, she is amazing. As a professional news person, she is equally amazing. This most recent interview only emphasises her abilities to get to the heart of the matter, the thoroughness of her research and her ability to not be sidetracked by BS from across the table.

I think that Racheal Maddow and Charlie Rose should start their own news network and blow everyone else away in the ratings.

All quackery aside, I was very glad to hear him state repeatedly that he is against the Ugandan legislation and against punishment for gays.

I love Racheal but I think she was so bent on pointing out his flaws that she failed to acknowledge this statement.

I watched it, and I found it a little painful. At the time, I wasn't sure of the reason, I usually am such a fan of Rachel Maddow. But in watching it again, I think it was because it wasn't really a conversation- it was a platform with both fighting for control of the mike, saying the same things over and over. Very polite, even accommodating, but not a conversation. At least not a conversation where both try to hear each other and make salient points based on the content of the other's speech.
I found Cohen's position as a therapist tenuous at best, spurious more likely- he's acting more as a pastor or moralist than a therapist or counselor. That the guidance of an American "therapist" is used should come as no surprise- American education and expertise is valued, admired and used (honestly and dishonestly) throughout the developing world. What should be surprising is that he was never publicly and soundly disavowed by the psychological/scientific community for his influence in this heinous legislation.

Kenneth Kimball | December 10, 2009 8:24 AM

I think the world of Rachel. She thinks things through thoroughly. As I read some of the posts, I tend to agree that this one is very personal to her. As such, the discussion, if you want to call it that, sounded less like Rachel Maddow and more like a program on Fox News.
Still a huge fan!

Wow. Tough crowd. I really enjoyed it. I think she destroyed his credibility and that will live on for a long time on the internet.

It's one thing for the LGBT blogosphere to constantly light up saying this guy is a quack. It's an entirely different level of respect given to MSNBC when "they" say it through Rachel's show.

twinkie 1 cat | December 10, 2009 12:40 PM

Wow. Maddow is really intelligent and well prepared. She clearly has read and understands the book. She needs to learn a little about letting the person talk, however, her anger gets in the way of getting him to hang himself.

Yeah, a lot of gay men get married, have kids, love their wives. They put their gayness "aside" as someone I know who was happily married for over 30 years. Then when his wife died, he let his gay side come back out. It is an expectation in some American cultures. It does not mean they are not gay, they are just controling their homosexual behavior.

It is strange how Paul Cameron is still being quoted. Not only was he kicked out of the APA he is the originator of gerbiling. Talk about being of Satan.

He says he is against the Ugandan legislation, but you notice how he has already distributed the original edition of his book in Uganda, the one that says that homosexuals convert and molest children. This man has serious hypocrisy behavior. Reminds me of how the cigarette companies support smoking cessation in America while supplying other countries with high nicotine products.

He never did explain the effect of race on homosexuality! Which race is more likely to be gay in his opinion? He refused to answer. He backed off that real quick and said he was taking it out of his book along with his fake statistics.

Oh, the way to stop the legislation is to cut off Uganda's foreign aid. Don't give them anything but food and medical run by people not connected to the government. Then send some big lavendar C-1 transports. Do a gay drop similar to the baby rescues after Vietnam. We could use a few thousand more gay people in America.

Well, the man is a fool, for sure. But, like me, he is surely a bisexual fool. I, too, have left the handsome fellows alone since I married my lovely wife (many years ago!), but I certainly notice them, even now. If I were to become single again, who knows which way I would look for a new partner? He is a bisexually oriented person who has forced himself to submerge half his personality, then lie about it. And he advocates this unhealthy behavior for others. As for the evil uses his book has been put to, if he disapproves of this (as he says he does)then it is on him to do everything he can to undo the damage. He will have blood on his hands if his fans in Uganda proceed with their inhuman campaign.