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Same-sex marriage moves forward in DC, possibly New York

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The DC city council just voted to introduce a bill to open up marriage to same-sex couples 13-2. They'll vote again in a month, and, if it wins again, same-sex marriage will be legal in the nation's capital.

Also, New York's Senate is expected to vote on marriage later today. I don't know how many times I've read that headline, but this time they seem more sure. Or maybe not:

As for whether the Senate will indeed vote on gay marriage when - and if - it passes a DRP [Debt Reduction Plan], Paterson was elusive.

Asked by The Times' Jeremy Peters if he had received word from the Senate that it would take up marriage, Paterson asked: "Did the Senate tell you that?"

"Let's just say it's out there in the ether," Peters replied.

"It's out there in the ether? Well, go back to the ether and find out," Paterson shot back, eliciting laughter in the room.

Peters persisted, asking again if Paterson had been told the Senate would vote. Paterson said: "I heard from the ether, too."

The governor did say he finds it "reprehensible" that gay marriage has been held hostage to the DRP vote, adding:

"It's on the special session calendar. We're in special session. We have cleared the roadblocks away...I don't think that issues stand anywhere but on their own, and the issues deserve a vote up or down."

"So, for anyone who's trying to influence my position on the DRP because they know I'm interested in passing marriage equality, I think that's a grotesque twist of justice and a rather insensitive way to lobby here in New York State."

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the_czarina the_czarina | December 2, 2009 2:28 AM

Congratulations, D.C.!

Here in N.Y., we're holding our breath.
This activist ally has been holding her breath since April.

And calling our Senators (my Senator, Craig Johnson, is a co-sponsor, but others have needed constant reminders).
I suppose those of faith are praying. If I believed in God I'd be too:)

Wish New York luck.
You Go, Tom Duane!