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Submit to Google... or else. [Gay Geeks]

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Google is growing, always. Month by month, a new application, service, or acquisition brings Google one step closer to being involved in every aspect of your life. Did you know that in October, Google invested in a biotech company? Why for? 1) They wipe their asses with money and can drop $100M like an NBA star at a strip club. 2) Maybe they just really like supporting research to make the humans who use Google healthier and able to search for a long time. 3) Maybe Google wants to catalog all of your DNA, letting you search for genetic history and hidden diseases.


In the meantime, Google just wants to improve your searches. Click through to see the latest happenings in the World of Google...

Personalized search for all, not just the loyal.

In 2005, Google flipped the switch on personalized search, a service that tracks your search history in order to offer you tailored suggestions to help refine your search. For example, perhaps you're searching for LGBT news and click on Google will take note of that and could bump TBP higher on the search results, just for you. This service originally started only for users signed into Google, but now everyone can get a taste of tailored search, signed in or not.

Google uses an anonymized cookie in your browser to track your search activity for up to 180 days. At any time, you can click on web history to disable it. ( via The Google Blog)

Google DNS

We already rely on Google to guide us to the right site, why not let them take us to the front door? A Domain Name System, or DNS, essentially connects the the domain name of a website to its IP location. DNS is something most users won't ever have to configure (unless you want to); your ISP does that for you. Companies like Verizon like to use DNS redirect your 404's to an ad-riddled search page, where they are free to mine your data to sell to domain squatters and data miners. Google is one of the leaders in network infrastructure, and they are extremely good at being extremely fast, so offering a DNS service sounds about right for them.

But can you trust them? Well... if you have searched with Google before, they already know where you live, and it's always best to be on the same side as the ones poised to take over the world. This is just one step closer.

Google Public DNS does its best to return the right answer to every query every time, in accordance with the DNS standards. Sometimes, in the case of a query for a mistyped or non-existent domain name, the right answer means no answer, or an error message stating the domain name could not be resolved. Google Public DNS never blocks, filters, or redirects users, unlike some open resolvers and ISPs. (Google Public DNS)

Seriously though, Google DNS won't change your life or anything, but if your 404's redirect you to an ISP created search page, you'll be a lot safer with Google. For reals. [via Official Google Blog]

R&D, or the growth to total search domination.
We are accessing the internet more and more on our mobile devices, and Google wants to improve your search. Harnessing the power of Android, Google is currently building a visual search app that will enable anyone to take a picture of an object or location and Google will return relevant search data on the spot. In 2006, Google acquired the small startup Neven Vision, which currently provides the facial recognition features on Picasa and Google Image Search. In a recent CNBC interview, Google Product Manager Hartmut Neven demonstrated how the search will work, taking a photo of the Santa Monica Harbor and Google Visual Search returned results on the recognized location.

Various apps for Android and iPhone already do some of this, like PlinkArt, which won $100,000 in the latest Android Developer Challenge, and helps you identify works of art by taking a photo of it. For a company like Google to get behind this will mean billions of recognizable locations, objects, and faces. Sort of like how the T-800 can identify John Conner. I'm excited. [via eWeek]

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It's ironic that somewhere in the Google search database is a collection of all the names of all the geeks (gay and otherwise) that are obsessed with the Google search engine. Nathan, you have been warned.

Personalized visual search, however, does have possibilities --- search for hot porno tailored to ones own personal fetishes, then blow puffs of amyl nitrate fumes at you right before your trousers fall down around your ankles.

With a little optimization, it could be better than a hot date on Saturday night.

You do realize that "SkyNet" was the evil network that caused the robots in the Terminator movie to take over the world.

Monica, Google has been compared to SkyNet for some time now... and I was intentionally making the implicit connection.

Oh. I didn't know this. It makes sense.

Ricky Rickster | December 7, 2009 10:53 AM


Yo, you gotsta stop smokin them blu-ghey baloons!!

#1 They is gonna turn you blu fore ya knows it.
#2 Try accessorizing with contrasting colors fer a change, yo.
#3 Google dis! And Google dat, too, but wat you doin latahtanite?

Stay wAAAhemmmmm …
Ricky Rick