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Suddenly Hunky: Shirtless Lance Bass

Filed By Prince Gomolvilas | December 27, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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After reading Joe Mirabella's post about how Lance Bass saved Christmas, I remembered how I recently stumbled across hot, shirtless, and surprising pictures of the former boy-band member. For me, Lance Bass saved my screen saver. (I mean, how many months could I stare at Robert Pattinson's pasty bare chest before starting to go blind?)

Back when 'N Sync was 'N Sync, Lance Bass never really did register on my radar as someone who I would pin on my wall. I started to take more notice, of course, after he came out, after he wrote a tell-all-book, and after he pranced around with his shirt open on Dancing With the Stars.

But, good god, have you seen recent photos of him all buffed up and chiseled like a gladiator?! A couple months ago he posed for a boxing-inspired photo shoot and revealed hidden depths that left me panting. Be still my beating crotch! Check out the pictures below (via the website of Chris Lanston, celebrity make-up artist). Click to engorge, er, I mean, enlarge:

Lance Bass half naked
Lance Bass half naked
Lance Bass half naked

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All I can say is there is some major photoshop going on with his face. All the sudden he is mr. square jaw.

"...and revealed hidden depths that left me panting."

Hmm... those depths must be very well hidden indeed.
Can we move away from the idea that a workout body makes someone more important or even more attractive? The circuit/clone type is sooo 1998. We are, afterall, talking about a former member of a boy-band who is on "Network TV life support".


who knew he had muscles, indeed? Not my type, but I see the allure. Also, I think you found the rarest of photos - Lance Bass with something resembling an actual expression on his face :-)

Capitalistpiggy, I won't believe it! No! La la la la la I can't hear you!

FloridaSqueezed, boy bands died for your sins! (Oh, wait a minute, or was that Jesus?)

Bil, cannot have. Back off.

Yasmin, he's trying really hard! :)

Hey, I may have made countless jokes ... but I never said I'd lock him out of my bedroom ... at least, not yet ...

I had the opposite experience. I thought he was hot in the boyband days, and even had posters on my wall. However, with the coming out and all, I realized he's dumber than a sack of hammers, and that killed it. I mean, yeah, I'd still hit it. But I wouldn't take him to dinner. ;)

He may seem to be a bit of an ditz sometimes, but he's not truly all that dumb. He's a certified cosmonaut...having completed rocket science training and all! :-p

OMG! Lance Bass! LANCE BASS!!!1!

(That was something we said at my old job, back in the days after he first came out and was "appearing" at every gay event from here to Omaha.)