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War Distraction 101: Call Tiger

Filed By Sara Whitman | December 09, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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How do you divert attention from an endless war in Afghanistan? Call Tiger Woods. It seems we are all too busy counting mistresses than troops being sent overseas. Less than a week, and our attention is diverted.

Um, hello? People? Focus. Let's get focused. Who the hell cares about Tiger Woods. He's a golfer. I cannot even call a golfer an athlete- look at John Daley. He hits a little ball really well and makes a ton of money. Great. He's cheated on his wife. Not so great. But really, compared to 21,000 troops gone earlier this year and an additional 30,000 troops that is putting a major stress on our military, is it at all important?

News at 11.

Oh, wait, it's not on the news at eleven. It's not on the news at all. Just Tiger's mistresses, paraded out one by one. During the Vietnam war, we were given nightly updates. Of course, they were all lies, but at least it was being covered.

I've been challenged on Bilerico that I do not know what's really going on. Perhaps that is true. Perhaps no one really knows what's going on over there, except the soldiers themselves.

Perhaps we will have to wait for the history books to outline our mistakes, missteps and war crimes. There has never been a war that was perfect or completely noble. There never will be.

Another story- oh, yes, I am full of them, feel free to question my honesty. As a writer, I'm always listening- it's my job. I was sitting on a plane recently, going out to meet my wife for my anniversary. The gentleman next to me worked in construction- specifically, in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was the head of a part of a company that did a lot of work around the world. I asked him what he thought, thinking this sixty-ish year old white guy would be all pro involvement.

He wasn't.

I've been there a lot, he said, over the years. We need to get out. We will never fix what is going on over there because we don't understand their culture.

He went on to say he had personally made a lot of money doing the work, but the cost was too high. He was there the day of a huge explosion in Baghdad (I'm sorry, I do not remember what he said was blown up). Almost none of his crew showed up the next day.

Too scared, he said. I don't blame them. I was, too.

Maybe I don't know diddly squat about the war.

Maybe none of us do.

It is time, though, to ask hard questions and listen to those who have been there.

Not the latest on Tiger Woods.

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Americans have done everything they can to distance themselves from the realities of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sadly this is nothing new.

You think its a distraction now? Just wait for this to run its course. I see Tiger Woods as being wound up so tight as to make a Don Draper-type look like Timothy Leary by comparison; Tiger is unraveling - a process that's only just begun - and the 'story' is going to get a lot worse.

You know Bil, when Bush was president, I didn't feel like anything I did or said would make one ounce of difference. It was what it was and that was not an administration that would change course- I think we're lucky he didn't bomb Iran.

but this is OBAMA. you know, mr. hope and sunshine? NOW I feel like I should be able to make some kind of difference because he is, after all, a democrat and publicly campaigned against the Iraq war.

honestly? Tiger Woods has a net worth of 1 billion dollars. I'm thinking he'll come out of all this ok. as long as he stays away from the wife with the nine iron.

excellent points.

it fits in with this article about Liberals being useless:

Not that I'd be a Republican, that's for sure.

Mo Rage
The blog

Sara, I'm sorry to inform you that I'm going to have to confiscate your membership in the US of A.

I've been there a lot, he said, over the years. We need to get out. We will never fix what is going on over there because we don't understand their culture.

How can you say that a great, sophisticated, and intrinsically superior country like America doesn't understand another culture? There are cultures that are A) like us (i.e. Europe, Canada, some islands), and cultures that B) want to be like us (everyone else). Obviously Afghanistan is in the latter category since they're inferior savages. Give them 18 months, tops. They'll come around and decide they prefer MTV to their own culture. A few more bombs will convince them.

Some of the justifications for this war that I've heard from liberals over the past few weeks - that we can build a democracy there soon, that Obama thought really, really hard about having to kill more people in that country, that the Afghan people would lose their rights if left to their own devices - have been the very stereotype of The Arrogant American. Thought those years were over, but we've got a ways to go.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | December 10, 2009 5:33 AM

Before our disgusting 24 hour news cycle no one would have covered Tiger Woods out of respect for what used to be known as "privacy." But along comes "The National Enquirer" level of journalism and *poof* all content is gone.

I encourage all to google "The Ugly American" and read the Wicki article. The book is even still in print. Americans take it for granted that we wish to bring peace, goodness and McDonald's to all. Afghanistan is where our problem started and it was "Georgie who could not aim straight" that took us to Iraq. We have failed miserably in Afghanistan because our soundbite oriented media rather forgot about it after we were stupid enough to invade Iraq.

Yes, we must have a stable Afghanistan. Why? Because leaving them to their own devices during the Clinton administration did not really help us particularly and it certainly hurt women and children while providing cover and training facilities for the, yet to be captured, Osama Bin Laden.

That we imperfectly understand their culture underscores the importance of this region just north of two nuclear powers and south of Iran that wants to be one.

The nuclear cloud does not care who is in its way.

The four (and counting, Iran is next) US wars in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and ongoing Depression levels of unemployment will wreck the Democrats just as they did the Republicans.